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(Cartier doors and windows, one of the top ten brand manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows) the intention of economic slowdown is to make the development of the whole society more healthy and sustainable, rather than the reversal of the fundamentals of reform and economic development. It's easy to speed up the economy. Increasing influence and accelerating investment are the ways. However, excessive influence and investment can easily lead to drinking poison to quench thirst, and eventually many investors repeat the mistakes of repeated construction. The intention of economic transformation is not only not reached, but also led to a lot of new questions

what the market needs is still lacking is good goods

with the increasing progress of people's living standards, the needs of consumers are also upgrading on a large scale. This kind of spending is vigorous and tends to be carried out in a high-end trend. For example, if the spending needs are not booming, there will not be a large number of Chinese tourists rushing to Japan to buy toilet lids during the new year; If the milk powder produced by mainland milk companies reassures the people, how can domestic consumers rush to Hong Kong to buy milk powder

these examples have sounded alarm bells again and again for aluminum alloy door and window companies. Indeed, toilet lids and milk powder are everywhere in the mainland. Why do Chinese consumers have to go to Japan and Hong Kong to buy them? The most fundamental reason is that foreign companies have very strict and highly responsible commodity quality assurance standards for consumers. The goods produced by the company are all produced with the concept of promoting national health and improving the quality of life, and the quality of goods is guaranteed by all staff. Just think, if the commodities and commercial operations of China's aluminum alloy door and window companies can reach this level, can they not be expected by consumers

from this point of view, no matter how the external environment changes, it is important to study the needs of consumers. Chinese consumers are not short of money. What they lack is good quality goods. The sincerity of aluminum alloy door and window companies to consumers is the corporate spirit and corporate conscience that children and old people are not deceived and business cannot be good. Aluminum alloy door and window companies must think carefully and produce high-quality goods that can fully mobilize the needs of consumers with a high sense of responsibility, so that consumers can dare to spend and be determined to spend




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