What is the interest rate of decoration loan of CC

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recently, China Construction Bank launched a personal housing decoration credit loan in Chongqing. Customers who buy houses with loans from China Construction Bank can borrow the decoration money of the house without mortgage or guarantee based on the repayment credit record of the housing mortgage loan

it is reported that this model of CCB is called “ Meijiadai ” The threshold for entering consumer loans is actually quite simple. As long as a customer who applies for and issues a housing loan in CCB can apply for a personal housing decoration loan of up to 300000 yuan in CCB without mortgage or guarantee as long as the normal repayment is more than 1 year and the loan is not settled. The specific loan amount is about 30% of the house value, and the loan term is up to 3 years

this standard is also applicable to customers who purchase second-hand houses with CCB loans. As long as the normal repayment is more than 2 years, second-hand housing customers can also apply for this kind of loan without mortgage and guarantee

as for the loan interest rate, according to the principle of consumer loan market pricing, the bank will comprehensively consider the pricing according to the customer's credit, the quality of the house and other relevant factors. Customers with good conditions will be able to get more favorable interest rates




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