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The material and style of stairs are changing silently. Its shape can be changed according to the needs of space. In addition to being convenient up and down, it is also a pleasant sensory landscape. In the decoration of stairs in duplex buildings, stairs are not only a transitional tool, but also a channel connecting the upper and lower floors, which should not be ignored in home decoration. The following is a brief introduction to the decoration points of stairs in the duplex building

◆ transformation of stairs in small rooms

in rooms with small living areas, stairs appear depressed and heavy. Some designers in the industry advocate the use of structural representation to conceive, which is mainly characterized by making stair steps with certain permeability to reduce the sense of space oppression, so as to achieve the perfect combination of spatial structure, so as to continuously develop the stair industry

◆ materials for stairs should be carefully considered

while choosing materials for decoration and building stairs according to the style of the room, one thing should be paid attention to, that is, whether there are old people and children in the family. In general, for families with old people and children, it is best to avoid using steel and iron, and do not make the stairs too high. It is best to make the stair handrail into an arc shape without too sharp edges and corners. Wooden floors and carpeting can be used for stair treads

◆ different materials and styles

common stair decoration is generally wooden baseboards and wooden or iron handrails. The use of wrought iron or cast iron originated from ancient European countries, so it may be more suitable for home decoration in a European style home environment, but we will see that many people's homes, whether they are equipped with Chinese classical furniture or modern concise bedroom design style, all use iron handrails to decorate stairs, This violates the principle that interior design should be coordinated and unified

in fact, there are many materials that can be used to decorate stairs, such as steel, stone, glass, rope, cloth, carpet, etc. If these materials are properly combined and matched with the style of the whole room, they will have a good effect

wood: it is widely used in the decoration of stairs. The wooden floor sold in the market can be directly paved as a stepping board, and the handrail can also be made of corresponding wood. Wood is characterized by nature, softness and warmth. Most families choose wood

steel: it is more common in the homes of some modern young people and artists. Its coldness and the color of its material are very modern

glass: its own sense of permeability is even more remarkable when used as stair decoration. Now there are spray glass and inlaid glass on the market, which can be used in the handrail of stairs. The more wonderful use is to make the stairs hollow, with embedded light tubes, and use special glass as the baseboard to make the stairs that can shine

here is the relevant information about the decoration of stairs in duplex buildings. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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