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With the development of the times, the post-80s and 90s young people will choose fabric sofa when choosing sofa. It has both literary and artistic atmosphere and family warmth and comfort. However, its special material also makes people unable to cook. If it is not handled properly, it will not only become dirty, but also be relatively easy to be damaged, which greatly affects the artistic effect of fabric sofa in the overall home landscape. So, do you know how to care for fabric sofa better? Friends who are worried about how to care for the sofa may as well come and have a look

how to care for the sofa

what to do if the fabric sofa is dirty

the raw material of the fabric sofa is cloth. If the sofa is dirty, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise bacteria will breed

you can remove the sofa cover and put it into the washing machine for cleaning

in the case of more dirt, targeted cleaning can be carried out. Use collar cleaner or detergent to clean, and try the effect

your sofa may be more troublesome when it cannot be disassembled and cleaned. It is recommended to buy detergent in the supermarket, which can effectively decontaminate

when the sofa is very dirty, you can buy sofa covers in stores to avoid the trouble of cleaning

what are the methods of sofa care

1 The newly bought leather sofa can be wiped off the dust with a wrung wet towel and sprayed with a care agent on the surface once or twice, so that the dirt is not easy to penetrate into the pores and is easy to clean

2. Avoid soiling the sofa with oil stains, ink, etc. If found, it should be cleaned immediately, and finally treated with maintenance agent

3. The daily maintenance of the sofa is very simple. Wipe it with a wrung wet towel. The sofa needs to be thoroughly cleaned within 2-3 months. In order to prolong its service life, it is forbidden to jump on the sofa and avoid sweat from contacting the sofa

4. The sofa should be placed in a ventilated place to avoid exposure to the sun. If the humidity at home is high, the sofa can be dried from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. for 1 hour a day, about 3 months, to restore its beauty

precautions for cleaning cloth sofa

1. Stains should be wiped repeatedly with special detergent until they are clean, so as not to cause deformation of the frame and affect the appearance. For example, the left and right sofa is a good choice, which is easy to clean and stain

2. The cushion of the sofa is easy to accumulate dust, so it needs to be vacuumed regularly

3. Fabric sofa is not wear-resistant and easy to hair ball, which can be removed with scissors. It is recommended to thoroughly clean once every 3 months to half a year

4. For newly bought sofas, you can spray nursing agent on the surface to play an antifouling role. Do not rub hard. After drying in the shade, ironing with an iron is better

5. The sofa should be placed where the direct sunlight cannot reach, otherwise it is easy to fade and accelerate the aging of the sofa

6. Most sofa covers can be washed. If you feel lack of freshness, you might as well go to the business to order several different sofa covers

fabric sofa maintenance tips

1. Antifouling

for newly purchased sofas, spray a detergent first to prevent oil-water adsorption. It is recommended to spray once a month

2. Dust removal

the sofa is easy to accumulate dust. 1. Pat with a dry towel first, 2 Wipe with a wet towel. Either way, handrails and cushions are the key cleaning parts

3. Anti wear

it is recommended that the sofa cushion should be turned over once a week to achieve uniform wear; The sofa is easy to pick up after sitting for a long time, and it is removed with a knife; If the thread is loose, cut it flat with scissors

4. Choose dry cleaning

special detergent should be used for stains, such as: dip a white cloth with a small amount of medicine, and wipe it repeatedly until it is removed. Do not scrub with water to avoid breeding mold

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about how to care for fabric sofa, and the cleaning and maintenance tips of fabric sofa. I hope to help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future





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