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As the "frontier soldier" of the company to seize the market, every move of the agent is directly related to the interests of the door and window company. Guanhao doors and windows editor believes that with the promotion of cost demand, the extensive business form of door and window agents in their early years began to expose disadvantages, and in order to seize more market share, we need to start with the following details

first, launch new products in a timely manner

new products, on the one hand, are commodities that have just been introduced to the market, on the other hand, are commodities that are not available in the regional market, which can brighten the eyes of consumers, and whose quotations are not comparable with those of the same kind, can be called new products. Otherwise, if someone else already has a product and you have just launched it, you can't call it a new product. In a word, in terms of marketing, new products can bring premium space and high rate of return to market sales, and door and window agents should keep up with the pace in time

second, the sense of existence of the photo brush

the sense of existence is a well-known feeling, which makes us used to your existence, so when we use doors and windows, we will think of you at the first time and the brand you act for. Window agents can take photos and send them to friends' circles, QQ, forums, etc. every time they sell windows and doors, and the installation photos of customers are the best propaganda weapons. We should brush out our own "sense of existence", so that people around us can remember not only selling goods, but also being able to sell goods all the time. This is how the popular air comes from. It is important to convey positive energy, which will produce an aggregation effect

third, skillfully use entertainment to promote

the power of entertainment is infinite and easy to be accepted by everyone. Window agents can share some photos or videos with strong entertainment to their circle of friends, Weibo or maybe send them to the Internet, so as to attract the eyes of netizens and promote their own brands together. There are many ways of entertainment, which can be invested in a large amount or made in a small amount. The key is to be attentive

fourth, trade "small profits" for "big profits"

what exactly do consumers want to buy? Of course, buy goods! Therefore, commodities are the center, so they have to be different and have selling points. However, there is also a "small 99" hidden in the heart of the consumer, that is, the "excitement of rated profit", which inspires it, and the seller kicks in at the door. In this way, you can easily exchange "small profits" for "big profits"

agents should also pay attention to tricks when selling goods. Good tricks can get twice the result with half the effort, and starting from the details can move the hearts of consumers





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