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Mai De, a businessman from Pakistan

ahmedfazeel Khan, from Pakistan, is the general manager of indigo brand projects. Indigo brand has a number of hotel and office projects all over the world. This time, he came to China, and he hopes to find door and window cooperation enterprises for his new projects in Pakistan

Maide and its team members came to today's door and window exhibition hall, and the staff introduced the products of today's doors and windows in detail. Maide showed great interest in today's rich product series of doors and windows and excellent system door and window customization solutions, and praised: "it's really rare to have been to so many enterprises and can do such meticulous door and window technology. I'm very surprised to see it in today's doors and windows."

coming to the 188 series electric sunshine room, Maide tried to open the roof of the sunshine room. Maide sighed, "this sunshine room has a really large opening area, and it can be used in the sunshine room BBQ in the future."

according to the staff, this 188 series intelligent sliding sunlight room introduces the design of European Intelligent sunlight room, which is inspired by the concept of automobile skylight. The opening area reaches two-thirds, and the ventilation effect is particularly good. Of course, BBQ is no problem

the external sky curtain sunshade on the sunshine roof can control the amount of daylight at will through wireless control, playing the role of sunshade and heat insulation. With the motor imported from Germany, the frequency stability is high, the intelligent sliding is smoother, and the two modes of opening ventilation and closing sealing are realized. Equipped with a rain sensor, the roof will automatically close when sensing rain, bringing comfortable enjoyment to people

Maide told us that he was quite satisfied with his trip to doors and windows today. He appreciated the meticulous work of doors and windows and the concept of pursuing perfect products today, and hoped to have the opportunity to cooperate next to bring good door and window products to Pakistan

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