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The trend of replacing people with machines is becoming more and more intense, and the future education reform is becoming the top priority.

the trend of replacing people with machines is becoming more and more intense, and the future education reform is becoming the top priority.

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original title: the trend of replacing people with machines is becoming more and more intense, and the future education reform is becoming the top priority.

with the increasingly extensive application of robots in people's production and life, the replacement of people with machines has brought a huge threat to people's employment and survival, It has also brought a great impact to all sectors of the social industry. In the future, only by solving the problems of "gauge distance" and "displacement" from the perspective of education, can the development of robots gradually move from replacing people to serving people and expanding people

since the industrial revolution, every technological progress will promote the change of production and life patterns, and bring changes to the development of society. With the continuous development of sensor technology, recognition technology and image processing technology, people are now entering an intelligent era, and the emergence of robots has once again brought new ways of production and life

the wind of robot application is blowing all over the world

in recent years, with the economic development and social progress, the urbanization process in various countries is accelerating, people's consumption level is rising, the pursuit of efficiency and automation in production is becoming more and more obvious, and the demand for convenience and intelligence in life is becoming stronger. Under this background, robots have gradually come into our vision

with the advantages of automation and high efficiency, robots are the first to enter the field of industrial manufacturing. With the emergence of a variety of industrial robots such as palletizing, welding, handling, sorting and cutting, their market application scope continues to expand. Later, under the demand of intelligence, robots gradually infiltrated into the direction of life, and service robots became increasingly popular. They have huge consumer demand in the fields of family, medical treatment, entertainment, education and so on, and have been valued by many countries

up to now, 48 countries in the world have been involved in the R & D and application of robots. The global robot market is close to US $40billion, including 30% of industrial robots and 70% of service and special robots. A strong wind of robot application is blowing back and forth among countries

1. Regularly check whether the connecting line on the rear panel of the controller is in good contact. The replacement of the machine has brought great impact to the society.

human beings have a hierarchical purpose and requirement for the application of robots, that is, from the earliest replacement of people, to the service of people, and then to the expansion of people. It is obvious that we are still in the transitional stage from replacing human beings to serving human beings, which means that robots will not only bring us benefits, but also impact us

nowadays, the impact of "machine replacement" in the industrial manufacturing industry has emerged. A large number of factory workers and cheap labor have lost employment opportunities. Under the trend of automation, people's employment and survival problems have emerged. In 2016, Oxford University Professors predicted that 47% and 77% of the jobs in the United States and China will be replaced by automation brought by robots in the next 20 years

in response to this phenomenon, CBS television in the United States even published a documentary that believed that it was the robots that brought employment pressure and survival crisis to the people in the old industrial areas of the United States that trump could harvest the majority of votes in these areas with the slogan of "rejuvenating the United States". The film believed that if the hardness rate of robots in the old industrial areas of the United States using thin sheet materials and thin wires decreased by even two percentage points, The presidency of the United States may have already changed hands

in the medical, financial, government, legal and other service fields, with the emergence of service robots such as manuscript writing robots, customer service robots, medical robots, debate robots and legal robots, people's jobs are also threatened. If the emergence of industrial robots has only replaced some people without special skills, the emergence of service robots and special robots has made people in all posts feel threatened

education direction or problems that must be considered in the future

avoid water leakage; Among the many affected fields, education may be one of the industries that have suffered the greatest impact, not only because people in the industry are threatened by the jobs brought by robots, but also because robots make the future direction of education need to be explored again

at present, the state has issued the action plan for artificial intelligence innovation in Colleges and universities and other relevant policies, and made major arrangements for the innovation and development of the new generation of artificial intelligence and robots from the perspective of higher education such as university specialty setting and University future positioning. Many colleges and universities have also successively set up relevant education courses, formulated professional teaching plans, and defined the future teaching objectives. All parties are coping with the social impact brought by robots from the educational level

however, the impact of robots on education can not be completely solved simply by opening a course and setting up a major in the school. What the educational community needs to study is how the whole education should adapt to the intelligent society after the impact of robots. This also requires the cooperation between the University, the government and enterprises. The cooperation between the University and enterprises can not only complement resources, but also cultivate practical talents, which is the top priority of future reform

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