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The 3rd China Industry Forum of arc 2012 - focusing on the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

arc the 3rd China Industry Forum will open at the National Convention Center in Beijing from June 20 to 21, 2012

under the environment of focusing on energy efficiency and protecting the earth, and the global economy is changing, the industry, academia and even the government and the public are aware that China's manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of transformation and upgrading. This conference is to carry out a wide range of discussions with emerging and advanced process management and technology as the two core driving forces of industrial transformation and upgrading

andy chatha, founder of arc Consulting Group, personally brought a keynote speech with the theme of emerging technologies and process management to help industrial transformation and insight into the future of emerging technologies (cloud computing, social media, mobile technology, advanced analysis), opening the prelude of this arc Industrial Forum. Florian g ldner, a senior analyst from arc Europe, will take energy management as the theme to review the historical evolution and development process of energy management in manufacturing enterprises, from the characteristics and application of passive energy management to the characteristics and application of active energy management, and the comprehensive analysis of the energy management model developed by arc for manufacturing enterprises, This model is used to analyze the energy management examples of European chemical industry and mechanical equipment manufacturers

it is a great honor to invite representatives from all walks of life in the industry from well-known technology suppliers: abb, Cooper Bussmann, Hollysys, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Yokogawa, Emerson Process, Honeywell, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, SUPCON, endress+hauser; Industry Association FDT, Hart foundation; CNOOC and Sinopec, the end users of large process industries, and experts from all sides will present more than 30 content banquets with forward-looking, perspective rich, breakthrough technologies and typical cases to the audience, looking forward to sharing with users in process industries and discrete industries

the meeting is divided into two days. The first day, June 20 (Wednesday), is the general meeting and high-level core dialogue of the keynote speech; On Thursday, June 21, the parallel forum discussed seven hot topics: production management and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI), asset management and strategic maintenance, emerging process detection technologies and solutions There were more than 30 lectures on energy optimization solutions, industrial network solutions, motion control and drive solutions, mobile technology and wireless solutions

this arc Industrial Forum has a strong practical significance and a strategic vision to grasp the future trend with the introduction of the current needs of China's huge manufacturing industry in urgent need of transformation and upgrading. When using the experimental machine, 1 the forum operators must follow the process specifications in the manual. The reasonable tea break and lunch break can also provide a more relaxed and harmonious communication atmosphere for the audience

this forum will attract more than 300 listeners from manufacturing enterprises, involving project-based markets such as oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemical, chemical industry, automobile, metallurgy, mining, paper making, pharmaceutical, water and sewage treatment, automobile, electronic manufacturing, electric power, infrastructure, as well as OEM markets including packaging machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, etc. In addition, design institutes, EPC, system integration and distributors are also important participants in the forum

arc forum culture

arc, as a leading and authoritative consulting company in the industrial field, is actively committed to building a so-called strain gage sensor community for industrial exchange. Arc industrial forum is an important platform to promote industrial community exchange. Since the first arc world industrial forum was held in the United States in 1996, arc has held various industrial forums in many key cities around the world every year, which not only covers hot topics in all aspects of the industrial field, but also advocates an equal, open and relaxed forum exchange culture. At the beginning of 2010, arc Industrial Forum was introduced into China. Adhering to the consistent purpose of arc, arc China industrial forum aims to realize knowledge sharing, practice exchange and Discussion on future trends in the industrial field. Arc is very concerned about the development trend of China's industry and looks forward to communicating and discussing with all friends concerned about the future of China's industry at the forum

arc Industrial Forum preview

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arc introduction

arc consulting group was established in 1986. It is a consulting company focusing on the industrial field, providing consulting services on technology, market and strategy in the fields of automation systems, enterprise and factory it solutions, asset life cycle management, supply chain management, energy optimization, operation management, etc., whether you are a manufacturing manufacturer, it and automation technology supplier Technology investors and arc can provide you with valuable consulting services. Our principle is to provide customers with objective, neutral and accurate analysis points of view, and is committed to helping customers formulate successful development strategies. Arc has branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea and China. Arc China branch, founded in 2004, sometimes slows down or stops cracking. It provides consulting services for multinational companies and local companies in the Chinese market, including consulting services for local companies to implement overseas strategies

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