Hottest 2017vs2019 unveils ifmiiot Technology

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2017 vs 2019, unveil the mysterious veil of IFM iiot technical experts

i have officially joined IFM in 2019

although small, I have a wide range of responsibilities

vividly show you the advantages of IFM IO link products in my unique and simple way

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shoulder the mission and live up to expectations

because I have skills that ordinary people can't match, For this reason, I was officially hired by IFM. It is my mission to digitize production equipment, improve factory transparency, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and build a bridge to industry 4.0

as we all know, IO link is jointly developed by several leading manufacturers of sensors, actuators and control devices in the industry. The result is a standardized and field bus independent automation interface. This interface can provide users with point-to-point connection without complex addressing

ifm, as a founding member of IO Link International Association, has been committed to the research and development of relevant technologies and products. The vast majority of the company's products have IO link functions, which can help you reach the smart Jinan impactor. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a one-stop enterprise specializing in the production, sales and service of smart factory, and takes the lead in productivity and competitiveness

with the help of IFM IO link sensor, there will be more possibilities in the future. For example, the released sensor data will be generated to achieve a higher spring diameter: 150mm; Efficiency and cost savings. In this way, the process value of the machine can be made transparent and visible to ERP, and your existing automatic chemical plant can be optimized and upgraded

io link has many advantages

no loss of measured value

obtain multiple process values

signals are not subject to external interference

replace sensors plug and play

tamper proof

clearly identify

disconnection detection and self diagnosis

mature experience, and strive for the future

ifm IO link products are now widely used in the automotive industry, food and beverage, wind power generation, logistics and transportation, machine tools and other industries, Through its advantages of releasing all the potential of the sensor, it helps users collect detection data and conduct real-time analysis. The transparent production process can not keep up with the market utilization and development. Building a bridge to industry 4.0 will have very serious consequences, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface

in the coming days, IO NIC will also go deep into the factory to explore the urgent needs, flexibly show the advantages and versatility of IO link technology, face the challenges together with users, rise to the difficulties, and jointly move towards the intelligent era

thank you for being with us

finally, on behalf of all IFM employees, IO NIC would like to express its heartfelt thanks to you for your company on this annual Thanksgiving

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