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2012 Xinjiang XCMG Haihong leapt to the highland of Xinjiang machinery industry

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Guide: towards the end of the year, seeing the annual sales revenue climb to 1.3 billion yuan, all the staff of Xinjiang XCMG Haihong (Group) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. were excited. The company leaped to the highland of Xinjiang machinery industry and became the industry leader, which made chairman guowenbin more firm in the direction and confidence of enterprise development. In recent two years

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near the end of the year, seeing that the annual sales revenue has climbed to 1.3 billion yuan, the whole staff of Xinjiang XCMG Haihong (Group) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. are excited. The company leaped to the highland of Xinjiang machinery industry and became the "leader" of the industry, which made chairman guowenbin more firm in the direction and confidence of enterprise development

in the past two years, XCMG Haihong has developed by leaps and bounds, which is very consistent with the economic development ideas of the autonomous region. In 2011, XCMG Haihong's sales exceeded 1billion yuan, and its sales performance ranked among the top among XCMG dealers in China. This year, it exceeded 1.3 billion yuan, mainly thanks to guowenbin's unique business philosophy

"the company should establish a complete business system, not limited to simple sales." On December 10, guowenbin told that XCMG Haihong's sales outlets in Xinjiang have been deployed on a large scale, with a complete range of products, complete supply of accessories, manipulator training, legal services, etc., and the enterprise's industrial chain is also constantly extending

as a strategic distributor of XCMG group, XCMG Haihong sells almost all products of the group. With regard to the sales performance that ranked first in China in Xinjiang, guowenbin believed that it was a good opportunity to catch up with the large-scale construction, opening-up and development of Xinjiang and the launch of many large projects to aid Xinjiang

guowenbin told that in the past two years, XCMG Haihong has taken advantage of the good situation in Xinjiang to vigorously carry out the layout of sales points. On New Year's day last year, XCMG Haihong XCMG machinery (000425, Guba), the first 4S store of XCMG group, was completed in Urumqi. 4S stores in Ili, Kashgar and Korla will be completed one after another. The company has invested 100million yuan in Changji to build a 6S store. In the first half of the year, the cranes sold by XCMG Haihong won 63% of the market share in Xinjiang

guowenbin told that XCMG Haihong was based in Xinjiang and expanded the Central Asian market while doing a good job in the Xinjiang market. At present, 15% of the company's business comes from Central Asian countries. This year, the company has established branches in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

it is reported that the machinery market in Xinjiang gradually flourished from 2007 to 2009, reached its peak in 2009, and showed a downward trend in the past two years. However, XCMG Haihong entered a large-scale expansion stage against the trend

according to guowenbin, in addition to selling mechanical products, XCMG Haihong 2 After extracting aluminum from fly ash (Inner Mongolia), the company also attached great importance to the extended service - training, and the safe and standardized operation and maintenance of machinery were included in the company's training content. He said that over the past year, the company has trained more than 350 crane operators. Since the end of this year, the company has expanded its training business, started to train excavator and pump truck operators, and will be able to deliver more than 1000 excellent operators to the society next year

it is reported that XCMG Haihong has also invested hundreds of thousands of yuan to cooperate with well-known software companies in Xinjiang to set up a department to do safety research on tower crane accidents. It is reported that this research is to install a "black box" on tower crane equipment to achieve regional safety monitoring; The company also set up an information department to provide customers with market information, government development vision, energy development planning and market forecast for at least twoorthree years; In August this year, the company started the construction of the truck mounted crane assembly plant set up in Changji high tech Zone, which was put into operation at the end of this year...

in addition to establishing branches in various prefectures, the company has successively established Xinjiang XCMG Haihong engineering machinery and equipment leasing company, asset guarantee company, truck mounted crane assembly plant, tower crane structure plant and other expansion activities since last year, which has enabled XCMG Haihong to embark on a collectivized and diversified development path, The business runs through the whole machinery industry chain, such as product assembly and production, sales, insurance, financing guarantee, after-sales service, parts supply, maintenance and repair, equipment leasing, and personnel training

recently, guowenbin is actively setting about the establishment of Xinjiang Machinery Leasing Industry Association, because he sees a huge market space for large machinery leasing industry in Xinjiang. He hoped that through the establishment of the association, the market would be standardized and the local leasing enterprises in Xinjiang would develop and grow as soon as possible

"from now on, the machinery market in Xinjiang will have a prosperous period of ten years or even longer, and the enterprise will be able to develop healthily for a long time." Guowenbin confidently said to him

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