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2017 will be the hottest year for the development of 3D curved glass

2017 will be the hottest year for the development of 3D curved glass. Whether Apple's new iPhone is an OLED version or not, 3D glass +oled will become a high-end standard. At present, the stability, reliability and working efficiency of 3D bending are comparable to those of similar foreign products. The efficiency of surface glass hot bending technology is low, and the hot bending machine is basically used. Therefore, the domestic 3D glass matters 4. The pointer of the tensile testing machine returns to zero, sluggish or unstable; The 3D hot bending technology of supply chain enterprises has ushered in a huge market space

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3d curved glass hot bending machine

air pressure: 4kg/cm2

carton size: lxwxhmm (height is the standard height of the sealing machine)

forming type: bottom folding cover, which can be used as a packing platform

electrical configuration: yardek cylinder, yardek regulating valve, yardek pneumatic control valve, FESTO air time delay relay

workbench height:

foot cup: 600 – 780mm (adjustable)

caster: mm (adjustable)

overall dimension: l1500xw900xh780mm (foot cup)/880mm (Caster)

machine weight: 80kg

product performance features:

1. Accurate angle positioning, adjustable

2. Energy saving infrared heating is adopted, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the plate properties

3 according to the material properties, Setting time and temperature automatic instant forming

4. Water temperature alarm and leakage protection function ensure operation safety

5. Heating mobile platform of water circulating cooling system

6. Equipped with measuring ruler to ensure standardization of mass production workpieces

7. Hot bending workpieces are flat without scratches, deformation, plate pasting and blistering

8. Intelligent operation panel, Simple and easy to operate

product application

bright 3D modeling glass

surpassing the new generation of smart covers

touch panels, chassis, wearable devices

3d curved glass has also achieved gratifying results. Glass hot bending machine enterprise recommendation:

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