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On March 8, 2016, the 4th global Cloud Computing Conference

ctiforum (Liwenjie): under the guidance of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, and hosted by UBM China, the 4th global Cloud Computing Conference China will be held at the Shanghai International Conference Center on September, through technical seminars, keynote speeches In the form of special conferences and exhibitions, the development format of today's cloud industry chain with high efficiency will be comprehensively interpreted. At present, the sponsorship, tickets and pre registration of the conference have been fully launched, and early registration can enjoy multiple discounts

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according to the survey, in, the global cloud computing service market will grow by an average of 26% per year, while China will grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 45%. It can be seen that the future cloud computing market has great development potential and will bring a new round of technological revolution to many enterprises. In this context, the sponsor sincerely invites new and old customers to jointly explore a new round of industry trends, business and value

growing year by year and reaching a new high

cloud connect was founded in Silicon Valley in 2008, and is known as one of the top ten cloud computing activities in the world. It gathers enterprise IT professionals, developers, infrastructure and server providers and cloud computing innovation experts to jointly build a cloud computing development blueprint by combining professional conferences and exhibitions. Subsequently, the export value of the extruder gradually recovered and expanded to all parts of the world, successively held in Chicago, New York and India. In 2013, UBM China introduced the cloud computing activity brand to China, namely, cloud connect China, whose internationalization and professionalism were highly recognized. At present, it has been successfully held for three sessions, with all kinds of data increasing in an all-round way, and domestic enterprises strengthening their participation

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in September every year, the international speaker lineup gathered in Shanghai to share dry goods with thousands of high-precision instrument end users who are optical, mechanical and electrical connected from CIOs, CTOs, technology developers and enterprise level terminal electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines in the cloud ecological chain, involving many popular application fields such as finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, education and medicine. At the same time, it manufacturers will also focus on the broad application prospects of cloud computing in the exhibition. The number of participants increased year by year, from 1575 in 2013 to 3069 in 2015, making the global Cloud Computing Conference China station one of the largest cloud computing activities in China

the leading one-stop enterprise cloud computing platform

the conference focuses on the practicality of cloud computing, focusing on manufacturers, developers and specific business actions, with special emphasis on case analysis and sharing. Through the combination of professional conferences and exhibitions, we strive to gather and display leading technology enterprises in the industry in a neutral manner, set up highly reliable forums and education to discuss the latest development trend of cloud computing, attract strategic audiences such as decision makers and thought leaders, and build an industry-leading one-stop enterprise level cloud computing platform

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conference link, the international speaker lineup will bring trend reports and interpret practice cases on the current situation of cloud computing industry and the most popular fields. The complementary part of the exhibition will bring together more than 60 domestic and foreign manufacturers to show cutting-edge technical concepts, high-quality product equipment and broad application prospects of cloud computing. The value-added activities such as high-end CIO seminars, Yunding award ceremony and buyer matching will further improve the value of the global Cloud Computing Conference - China station

integrated marketing opportunities not to be missed

2016 global Cloud Computing Conference - China Station sponsorship, tickets and pre registration have been fully launched, and participation will benefit a lot. As a sponsor, you can not only share and learn trend reports, display the latest products and technical services, but also carry out all-round brand promotion and contact a large number of active buyers. For participants, this is an excellent training opportunity. A platform to strengthen professional contacts with peers can also take the lead in appreciating the style of the new generation of cloud computing technology products

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