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2016 China's aerial work platform industry policy and environmental analysis

2016 China's aerial work platform industry policy and environmental analysis

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according to China's aerial work platform industry policy analysis, among China's aerial work platform leasing companies, Shanghai's aerial work platform lessors occupy a leading position with more than 1000 aerial work platforms. This paper analyzes the industrial policies and environment of China's aerial work platforms in 2016. As the hottest city in China's aerial work platform leasing market, Shanghai has become the gathering place of aerial work platform leasing companies with the fastest development, the largest scale and the most complete product categories in China in just one and a half years. Second only to Shanghai are Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Changsha, Hangzhou and other central cities, and gradually form a nationwide business operation network. If we take 2015 as the node, the extruder export fell by 7.3% in the first 10 months of this year, In the past ten years, the total number of aerial work platforms available for lease in China was only more than 4000, while in the following two years, this number jumped to more than 6000. With the change of consumption habits of domestic equipment users and increasingly stringent construction safety standards, it is expected that this number will double in 2017

there is no doubt that not every customer is suitable for equipment leasing. If the aerial work platform is used in the project with high frequency and long cycle, it is more suitable to purchase equipment directly. If the service life is short and there is great financial pressure, customers can consider renting aerial work platforms. Compared with equipment procurement, the most obvious advantage of high-altitude operation equipment leasing is to directly reduce the enterprise cost, effectively ensure the safety of construction and personnel, reduce the workload of operating workers, and form covalent bond strength here when PDA self polymerizes from go and dopamine solution or reacts with go and improve work efficiency. As long as one aerial work platform appears on a construction site, the aerial work platforms will soon gather on the construction site. Because once workers have used high-altitude high-performance catalytic materials and other high-performance functional materials operating platforms, they will trust and love them, and will never be willing to use highly dangerous scaffolds

in 2016, Yunxiang heavy industry launched the heavy-duty policy for the leasing customers who purchased the aerial work platform of our factory! The car can be financed! In China, the leasing industry of aerial work equipment is still in the traditional original state of small, decentralized and independent operation, and there is still a big gap compared with the leasing industry in foreign countries. In addition to continuously expanding equipment reserves, future leasing enterprises will also focus on training professional service personnel to provide better advisory services and solutions for end customers. At the same time, the service points will cover the whole country, and provide active door-to-door services, so as to gradually mobilize products nearby and respond to customer needs in a timely manner. With the development of society and the change of consciousness, the adverse factors affecting the development of aerial work platforms will continue to be eliminated, and the aerial work platform rental market will become more and more mature

according to the investigation and analysis report on a wide range of fields where plastic granulator operation touches the national economy in the aerial work platform industry market, is the aerial work platform a special equipment? What standards need to be developed in the future? Industry specifications are required. We need to understand the application status of foreign aerial work platforms and the corresponding laws and regulations. It is believed that China's high-altitude operation safety standard is coming, and both suppliers and construction enterprises are looking forward to the early introduction of this standard. The aerial work platform is used to lift people and materials to a certain height. Its safety is unmatched by scaffolding and hanging baskets. At present, the frequency and damage of tragedy caused by the use of this kind of high-altitude operation tools with high risk factor have attracted the attention of the society

in addition, the use of aerial working platform is also the pursuit of construction efficiency. For example: "a 50 meter long and 10 meter high working face needs painting. If a scissor type aerial work platform is used, it will take two workers four days and two hours to complete it. If a scaffold is used, it will take five workers, and it will take up to seven days and 12 hours to complete it. This also includes the erection and dismantling of the scaffold."

it can be seen that the efficiency of using aerial work platform is greatly improved from the perspective of labor and time. As a rapidly developing country, China has a clear completion time line in the construction of many projects. The compact construction period also makes many construction units have to choose efficient aerial work platforms to help them complete the projects on time. In addition, the wide application of aerial work platform is also one of the driving forces of rapid development. It can be applied to infrastructure construction, oil and gas, power, ships, property and other industries, and its application range is also expanding. (this article is from Yunxiang heavy industry)

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