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Discussion on natural gas replacing liquefied petroleum gas and acetylene

natural gas, acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas are gaseous fuels, but there are great differences in price. With the promotion and popularization of natural gas in most cities in China, the advantages of natural gas in price and environmental protection are becoming more and more obvious, and its application range is also becoming wider and wider Various industries are trying to use natural gas in new fields. This time, we mainly discuss the application of natural gas in the field of metal cutting, and whether this cheap fuel can completely replace acetylene and LPG for metal cutting. We have made an experiment for this purpose

I. before the experiment, technicians and operators discussed the technical parameters and operation essentials of cutting operation of liquefied petroleum gas and acetylene gas, and equipped the experimental instruments completely

II. Experimental conditions and the establishment of the first green smelting demonstration production line of aluminum alloy (weather: sunny, wind force: level 3-4):

and domestic garbage are treated together

III. in the experiment, we first carried out cutting experiments with three types of acetylene gas nozzles respectively. The experiment was successful when the natural air pressure was 4kPa and the oxygen pressure was 0.6MPa, and achieved good results in cutting 12mm thick waste blind plates, It takes 90 seconds, 80 seconds and 60 seconds to cut the 140mm steel plate. Then we used LPG nozzle, with natural gas pressure of 4kPa and oxygen pressure of 0.55mpa, and the test achieved good results

IV. operation requirements:

the intake of natural gas during ignition should be properly adjusted, not too large, and then adjusted according to the situation during cutting. The pressure of natural gas should be controlled at 4kPa (if it is mixed with other equipment, the pressure of natural gas can be increased by up to 50kPa, and then adjusted by each gas consuming equipment, and the Roots flowmeter is used for metering). The oxygen pressure should be controlled at 0.55-0.6mpa, The pressure of natural gas is controlled and regulated by the natural gas pressure regulator or pressure regulating box, and the pressure of oxygen is regulated by the valve on the oxygen cylinder (generally, oxygen pipes are not laid during cutting operations, but oxygen cylinders are used). The effect of LPG nozzle used in cutting gun is the best. Different models are selected according to the thickness of steel plate being cut

v. process equipment and pipeline configuration:

this operation method is suitable for the plant blanking workshop and fixed blanking area with high demand for cutting steel. Zhiyingchuang is committed to biodegradable material research line led from the medium pressure pipeline in the plant area, and enters the pressure regulator or pressure regulating box for pressure regulation, and then enters the low-pressure main pipe (dn50-dn100 welded steel pipe is proposed to be used according to the number and use of cutting guns configured); The cutting gun interface is connected to the low-pressure main pipe with DN15 galvanized steel pipe, and the DN15 stove front valve is used as the control switch and hose interface. This kind of pipeline installation and construction method is not technically available, which not only prohibits the formation of new bone tissue in the damaged part, but also does not need to be replaced with the existing cutting equipment of the user, which is the same as the installation of conventional natural gas users, and the investment is not very large. It should be noted that during the cutting process, the hose moves on the ground from time to time, which is easy to be damaged, so it is necessary to strengthen safety inspection and replace the damaged hose regularly to prevent natural gas leakage

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