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Talking about data center cable remedial measures

many data centers need to be migrated, added components and changed with the use of longer and longer time

many data centers need to be migrated, added components and changed as they are used for longer and longer. With the change of business and the increase of networks, servers and switches, the number of cables in the underground and pipeline will also increase sharply. In many cases, there is no space to add additional cables because there are some abandoned cables underground

remediation: specifications, standards and performance

in some countries, it is necessary to remove abandoned cables underground. Because if there is a fire, they will only add fuel to the fire. If the customer requires a lot of test data, especially those aging cables that are not fireproof. In addition to specifications, data center administrators usually take cabling management as a primary consideration. According to the resistance on the other side, the instrument circuit cannot be adjusted: Discussion on the installation and commissioning method of vibration and shaft displacement instrument circuit; the investigation of 300 data centers by current limiting IDC MCS shows that improper wiring management is the most common problem in data center management. Moreover, the impact caused by non-standard wiring will gradually become serious

many data centers face the problem of seriously inefficient cooling, which forces them to deal with underground cabling. If the wiring is disordered like a mouse's nest, an air damping will be formed, thus preventing the flow of air. If this happens to happen in the ventilation area of the equipment, the surrounding temperature will gradually rise and may lead to failure. Similarly, if you follow the technicians to understand the safety devices and operating procedures of the electronic tensile testing machine without arranging the cable channel, the cabinet will also be prone to failure. In the cabinet, improper cable layout may block the fan, which will certainly lead to equipment failure and shutdown

next, let's take a look at cable removal. The space after cable removal may be for cable upgrading to support higher speed new technologies, such as 10GBASE-T, Infiniband or 10GBASE CX4. Many of them require larger diameter cables. Larger cable diameter will worsen the pipeline problem. For example, the maximum allowable diameter of category 6A UTP cable is 0.354 "(legacycategory6 is 0.250")

The f/utp of category 6a is close to that of category legacy6, but it is still slightly larger than 0.290 ", and the f/utp of category 7 is between the two, which is 0.330". Their horizontal minimum value is 15m

Infiniband and 10GBASE CX4 have larger diameters, and the diameters produced by different manufacturers are also different. If these cables are installed in crowded pipelines or pipelines where you do not want to install cables, the environment of the channel will be seriously damaged, and it may need to be repaired in the future. The profit level of ordinary plastics is 1% ⑶% positive

for correction, it is a headache at any time. Sometimes, it's better to rebuild a new data center, migrate, and then remove the cabling (if necessary, it can be recycled to save investment). In fact, some installation companies provide cable removal services. Because the cost of copper wire is very high, recycling can bring great profits. In recent years, the price of copper wire has quadrupled and is now favored in the recycling market. In addition, some property lessors are aware that the specification requires the removal of abandoned wiring, so they stipulate that the lessee must remove their wiring when evacuating

in order to solve these problems, the tia942 is very unique in allowing the wiring to be installed horizontally and vertically to meet the needs of cable growth. At the same time, it also reduces the number and space of rewiring and routing pipelines. There are many reasons for this: including the reasons listed above; Document backup needs and troubleshooting purposes of the network; Possible performance problems in MAC operation

every addition of wiring may damage the existing wiring and equipment in this area. If the wiring becomes sensitive to noise due to too crowded pipelines, too close to the power supply or damaged terminals, the network performance and hardware efficiency will be seriously confused due to the increased demand for DSP (digital signal processing). The best way is to appropriately increase the installation according to the situation to prevent confusion

new equipment must have hot/cold channels, which will gradually increase the need for remediation, migration or integration in order to provide cold air flow for the cold channels. In particular, if the static pressure and underground vent cannot provide enough air flow to cool the equipment, it must be modified and remedied

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