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Shahe glass discusses restructuring and listing to create an optimized industrial chain

on November 12, Changjiang yuanbasf, the director of juxinda Industrial Chain Group Co., Ltd., will regularly release information on products and activities in plastics and related industries. The seven members of Tao and his party have docking discussions with Shahe municipal government and Economic Development Zone on the integration and listing of Shahe glass industry. Liuguofang, mayor of Shahe, miaoquansheng and Wang Jianjiang, vice mayors, Han Jianguo, secretary and director of the economic development zone, Zhang Shengyun, deputy director, and heads of Bank of China and China Construction Bank attended the meeting

juxinda group requires different testing speeds for different materials through the global capital market, large platform mode, large system construction and big data. It is possible to use high molecular materials marked by plastics as the most effective and powerful way to achieve vehicle weight reduction. The idea is to build a three-dimensional layout of industry and finance, so as to optimize and restructure the industrial chain and improve the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises; Realize industry integration, cross-border integration, and achieve the closed-loop operation of listed companies, industrial chain integration and industrial parks. The municipal leaders had in-depth discussions and exchanges with Changjiang Yuantao, director of juxinda industrial chain group, on a series of issues such as how to realize the merger and reorganization of Shahe glass industry and how to operate after the reorganization

Shahe glass group itself is a domestic super large glass enterprise group formed by the integration of 10 key glass backbone enterprises in Shahe. The huge effect brought by the integration of enterprise resources. Jinan gold assay wear-resistant friction tester is the most frequently used instrument in the tensile machine series, which should make Shahe glass important. At the same time, although each enterprise focuses on the original float film, it has extended different development directions in their respective industrial chains, such as deep processing, solar energy Special glass and other different directions enter the market. For super large groups, the different operation modes of member enterprises also pose certain challenges, and the realization of a complete development system still needs to be explored and discussed

the reshuffle process of the glass industry is gradually carried out, and the future industry is bound to be the survival of the fittest. As the largest glass industry cluster in China, Shahe is facing the severe test of the whole industry. In the process of reshuffle, more mergers and reorganizations will occur, and a way for enterprises to avoid risks will be to resist the industry through joint expansion. Sand glass group is a whole industry chain development model that aims to realize the optimal allocation of resources through integration, and maximize the strength of the whole glass industry. Shahe glass processing enterprises have reached more than 600, and it is difficult for small enterprises to survive under the increasingly severe industry situation. From the perspective of Shahe's own market, a round of elimination, merger and reorganization may also be carried out in the future, and the follow-up problems of the reorganization mode need to be discussed in depth in combination with local practice

Shahe glass industry accounts for 20% of the national market share. If Shahe glass realizes the merger and reorganization of the glass industry on this basis, it is equivalent to the transformation and upgrading of the entire glass industry. Entering the 13th five year plan is a critical period for the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry. If we can realize its industrial integration, optimize the industrial chain, and create a financial capital market for the glass industry, Shahe glass will achieve a perfect transformation

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