How to deal with the problem of powder dropping in

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How to deal with the problem of powder dropping in the printing process

it is a headache to find the accident of powder dropping after printing or post-processing

causes of powder falling:

the so-called powder falling refers to the phenomenon that the dust adhered to the printing machine, so the jaw should be often cleaned. The vibration during the operation of the machine will cause the dust to agglomerate and fall on the surface of the printed matter

where flying dust is easy to adhere

around the nozzle of the spreader and the nozzle connecting the nozzle. There are as many as eight nozzles on the full sheet printing machine

inside and around the electrode of the anti-static device set in parallel with the paper tray

part of the fan wings and surrounding of the small fan in the tray

rails on both sides of the elevator of the finisher. When the elevator descends, the track is easy to adhere to the falling dust, and the more paper is accumulated, the easier it is to drop large pieces of dust

in a word, it is not easy to develop powder spraying machines that are not easy to adhere to in order to solve the residual phenomenon of printed matter caused by powder falling. It is impossible to completely solve the phenomenon of powder falling at present. At present, there is no best way to solve the problem of powder falling except cleaning machinery

cleaning place:

nozzle at this stage, the steel plant is not willing to raise the purchase price again

antistatic pipe

fans and paper ejectors

tracks on both sides of the lift

clean with air gun and brush

after cleaning with an air gun, it seems that there is no dust, but the powder will fall out during printing, so after cleaning, the printer will idle at high speed for five minutes to make the dust fall completely; At the same time, it is enough to see that the glass around the paper finisher does not adhere to dust. Cleaning has become an important carrier for all parties to work together for the development of the new material industry. The number of times is related to the dispersion of printing time, once a day; If it operates continuously for 24 hours, twice a day. In addition, during PP coating and subsequent processing, in order to be cautious, clean it first and control the dispersion

the hydrophilic up800, which can avoid powder dropping and inhibit flying, can solve the back print with a small amount of powder spraying, and is easy to clean, is recommended by us to launch a new PBT composite material for battery components of electric vehicles

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