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How to deal with the regulation of the real estate market? The state has been strengthening the regulation of the real estate market recently, and it seems that the cooling of the real estate market is a foregone conclusion. Wang Shi, chairman of Vanke, even faded out of Chinese real estate to study in the United States. As the most stringent real estate requirements, the construction electrical industry in the upstream industry will inevitably be affected

building electricity has always been driven by the vigorous development of the construction industry. The construction industry has made continuous progress from the original ordinary buildings to large-scale buildings, high-end buildings and even intelligent buildings. The demand for building electricity is higher and higher, and the proportion of building electricity in the output value of the construction industry is also increasing. Now, various government policies have been issued to vigorously regulate the property market. When the property price falls, the price of building electrical appliances will also be suppressed by developers. On the other hand, many developers have withdrawn from the market. Real estate not only has the functions of microcomputer control, full digital closed-loop and graphic display lamp, but also has a shrinking market. Fewer houses will be built, and the demand for building electrical will also be reduced. Facing these problems, how should enterprises deal with them

market transfer: transfer to the second and third tier cities

compared with the first tier cities, the second and third tier cities are greatly affected by regulation, but they tend to grow against the market. When the first tier cities tend to be saturated, the second and third tier cities have become new strategic growth points, and many a/d conversion chips are made based on this principle. Construction electrical enterprises should take advantage of this opportunity to vigorously expand the market and adjust the market layout and focus. Make the brand bigger and better, increase market coverage, and the market share will naturally rise. Let's learn about the strategic shift: shift to energy conservation and intellectualization

China has carried out a comparative technical research on the energy-saving control system of intelligent buildings at home and abroad. By comparing the technologies of intelligent buildings at home and abroad, we can organically combine renewable energy technologies with intelligent systems to achieve the effect of energy conservation

building energy conservation is a key topic during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In the three traditional high-energy consumption fields of industry, construction and transportation, the proportion of building energy consumption is rising, and tends to be the core of energy conservation and emission reduction

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