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How should packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises deal with (Part 1)

since this year, the increase of raw material prices and various expenses has become a common topic in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. With the further implementation of the labor law and other laws, the reform of the employment system, the rise of labor costs, coupled with the appreciation of the RMB and the tightening of monetary policy, the economic factors affecting enterprises continue to increase, This is even worse for packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises and paper products enterprises with low profits. Enterprises are facing many problems that need to be solved. Multiple pressures lead to thinner and thinner profits of enterprises. How should enterprises go? The author conducted an investigation around this problem

first, the enterprise is not adapted to the changes in the situation, and the main contradictions and problems exist.

enterprise managers should clearly understand and accurately grasp the problems and deficiencies in their work, maintain a clear head, and clarify the direction of their efforts. The author investigated more than 20 enterprises 8. The industry profit level and change trend, and believed that the main problems and prominent contradictions existing in the current packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises: first, some enterprises have three maladjustments. That is, ideas do not adapt to the development of the situation; The current situation of talent team does not meet the urgent needs of enterprise development for people; The understanding and use of people are incompatible with the laws of market economy. After the reorganization of some enterprises, they only put on the brand of private companies and the hat of private companies, but also the body of state-owned enterprises. In terms of management system, production and operation mode, employees' ideas still have a strong color of state-owned enterprises. The rhythm of the enterprise is out of step with the rapid development of market economy. Management is wandering in a strange circle. Employees have no sense of crisis, advanced management concepts Effective management measures have not been seriously implemented. This lagging ideology, mode of thinking and code of conduct makes enterprises unable to adapt to the challenges and opportunities posed by the era of change. Second, the innovation ability of technology 119 covers and circles is weak, the progress of technology is slow, and the development of new products has not fundamentally got rid of the situation of imitation research and tracking. The R & D investment is small, and the scientific and technological investment of most packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises is less than 5% of the sales revenue, which is far from developed regions and countries. Third, the mode of economic growth is extensive, the profitability of products is low, and the competitiveness is not strong. Economic growth and benefit improvement are still mainly driven by scale. There is still a certain gap between the consumption of energy, labor and other resources and the advanced level. Fourth, the awareness of market, competition and hardship is not strong, and the awareness of serving the market and customers, as well as the sense of urgency and sense of development are not strong. Human resources can not keep up with the demand for high-level and high-speed development of production. The reason for the shortage of talents in enterprises is that the development speed is too slow. Fifth, extensive management and refined management have not yet been achieved. For example, quality problems can be avoided as long as the products of some enterprises are a little more serious; Another example is the problem of delivery time, which can be overcome as long as we hurry up, but this is often ignored, which has affected the reputation of enterprises over time. Sixthly, the managers of some enterprises do not rely on scientific management to seek development in the production and operation of enterprises, and always have a fluke mentality and seek temporary survival by exploiting policy loopholes; For example, some enterprises ignore the formula design and Utilization Research of mixed products in the labor law and other national laws, and rely on cheap labor to reduce production costs, which not only does not achieve good results, but also hurts the feelings between enterprises and employees, resulting in the decline of production efficiency. There are also enterprise managers who are not down-to-earth in management and marketing, but are busy in officialdom and looking for the mayor. They rely on preferential policies and the gift of the government to pray for God's mercy. What has been abandoned and eliminated for many years is popular in some enterprises and is regarded as experience

II. Countermeasures to solve contradictions and problems

in the face of adverse factors, how can enterprises face the reality and meet the challenges? The author believes that the most urgent thing is to change the development mode of enterprises in the same period. Enterprises should stand at a new starting point to examine and solve the above contradictions and problems, take the scientificoutlookondevelopment as the guide, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, and effectively promote the development of enterprises

1. Innovative business philosophy. The innovation of business philosophy, including scientific and technological innovation, service innovation, corporate culture innovation, leadership innovation, incentive innovation, etc., conforms to the development of the times, specifically from the following aspects: first, scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological factors play an unexpected role in the survival and development of enterprises. Because technology plays a very important role in the development of enterprises, striving to pursue scientific and technological innovation is the fundamental way for modern enterprises to seek development

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