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How to deal with paint discoloration prevention methods of paint discoloration

paint is widely used in home decoration and is often seen by everyone, but the problem often encountered in paint decoration is paint discoloration. When we encounter this situation, we also do not know what to do, and how to prevent this discoloration? Next, Jiuzheng paint tells you the solution and prevention of paint discoloration. I hope there is no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve to help you

reasons for paint discoloration:

(1) the ester solvent in the varnish reacts with the iron container and turns black after encountering water

(2) turpentine is easy to produce red brown pigment in iron bucket

(3) gold and silver powder and varnish are prone to acid corrosion, making the paint color green, dark and lose light. Main experimental waveforms: supported by the controller (including sine wave, square wave, 3-angle wave, oblique wave and external input waveform); Ze

(4) the storage period is too long, and the sediment changes color

(5) some pigments in the paint will undergo chemical changes, lose their inherent coloring power, and fade or change color together. Blue or green paint containing iron will fade during storage, but the paint exposed to the air will gradually recover after construction

(6) some coatings in the coating have poor light and heat resistance, and some resins have poor weather resistance and are easy to turn yellow when exposed to light (such as epoxy resin)

(7) the density of several pigments in multicolor paint is different. During storage, heavy pigments gradually sink and light pigments gradually float. If they are not fully stirred during use, they will be inconsistent with the primary color after coating

methods to avoid paint discoloration:

(1) shellac varnish that is most prone to discoloration shall be contained in non-metallic containers

(2) add gold powder and silver powder before using the varnish, and do not add it into the varnish too early for storage

(3) if it is not a quality problem, the paint that discolors the precipitation can still be used after full mixing

(4) when designing the coating formula, it should be noted that pigments that can chemically change with resins or additives should not be used. It is strictly forbidden to mix and color two different types of paint without test during construction color matching

(5) root and enter the standby state of abetting the light on. Select the resin and pigment in the paint formula as needed

(6) the paint shall be fully mixed before construction

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