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ABB efficiency and energy saving technology everywhere editor's note: ABB efficiency and energy saving technology is everywhere. The robot can complete the packaging task of soft biscuits quickly, accurately and gently on the biscuit production line; Using waste to generate electricity, abb helps organic fuel power plants "make the best use of everything"; The use of motors and drive systems helps hospitals save $400000 a year, and so on

when robots encounter biscuits

I believe everyone is familiar with talking about robots on the automobile production line. However, if you are told that robots can also play a big role in the biscuit production line and complete the packaging task of soft biscuits quickly, accurately and gently, many people may doubt - can such a big guy be able to do this kind of delicate work

abb robot can

six ABB flexpicker IRB 340 vision guided robots are installed on the biscuit production line of Roland Murten company in Switzerland. This kind of robot has super functions of "vision" and "touch". In terms of visual guidance, the robot has advanced camera system and pickmaster software. When working, the camera system first monitors the finished biscuits on the conveyor belt, and pickmaster software guides the robot arm to accurately grasp the biscuits closest to it according to the images taken by the camera; In terms of grasping structure, the robot is equipped with exquisite expandable "rubber fingers". When grabbing the biscuits on the assembly line, the robot gently extends its "rubber finger" into the biscuit ring like a careful girl, and then opens the "rubber finger", while constantly measuring the force, until the "rubber finger" exerts the right force, and then quickly lifts the biscuit. Although this is a very delicate work, the robot does not reduce its work efficiency. It can grab 80 cookies per minute. Moreover, compared with previous production systems, abb robots also reduced the crushing rate of biscuits in the grasping process from 15% to 2.3%, while significantly reducing energy consumption and monitoring and maintenance costs. These improvements can save Roland Murten nearly 19000 Swiss francs (about US $17000) per year

Walter Fuchs, production manager of Roland Murten company, praised ABB's robot equipment. He said that ABB's robot has greatly reduced the operating costs such as personnel and energy consumption, as well as the scrap rate. They felt very satisfied that Haida editor would give you a detailed lecture on why many materials need to be tested by universal material testing machine

using waste to generate electricity, abb helps organic fuel power plants "make the best use of everything"

the chicken industry in setford, England is developed, and how to deal with a large number of chicken farm waste has become a headache. Fortunately, an organic fuel power plant "armed" by ABB 800xA control system has been built locally. The power plant converts waste into electric energy to realize "the best use of everything", which solves this problem

this 38.5 MW power plant is the largest organic fuel power plant in Europe. The plant conducts harmless treatment of chicken farm waste composed of chicken litter, wood shavings and other chicken nest materials, and obtains a large amount of combustible gases. Then burning these gases to drive the weight of the generator battery can reduce the power generation. ABB's revolutionary 800xA control system, which integrates safety and process control applications, provides a reliable guarantee for this production process. The system can efficiently record and transmit data, so that operators can comprehensively monitor the operation status of the plant through a large screen, and use the central console to remotely control the equipment when necessary, which greatly improves the productivity of the power plant

this project is part of ABB's "evolution" life cycle support strategy. Through a series of small-scale, cost-effective measures, the strategy helps enterprises with limited budgets to continuously upgrade their existing equipment without interrupting production, so as to meet the constantly changing business needs

less energy consumption, better life

as we all know, abb is a world-renowned leading manufacturer of power and automation technology. However, many people may not know that abb also has the industry's most advanced technology and application solutions in fields such as intelligent building control systems. Recently, Busch Jaeger, a subsidiary of ABB in Germany, won the world-famous red dot prize for the "best of the best" international product designs in 2008 for its two intelligent building control headquarters systems, Busch prion and Busch comforttouch, which account for a considerable proportion in Linzhou, reaffirming ABB's leading position in intelligent building control systems. These products can help people significantly improve the quality of life while significantly reducing building energy consumption

compared with the traditional intelligent building control system, the two products awarded by ABB this time have some very prominent characteristics: first, the energy-saving effect is obvious. By accurately controlling energy consuming equipment, abb intelligent building control system can reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 60%; Second, it has various functions. In addition to controlling general environmental parameters such as light and temperature, these two products also have functions such as security, page access, e-mail sending and receiving, and audio-visual playback. They are the first products in the industry to integrate these functions. Third, the operation is extremely simple. Due to ABB's optimized design and processing of product system control, users can complete all operations by clicking the button on the simple and beautiful wall mounted control panel. These advantages finally moved the judges, making these two ABB intelligent building control systems stand out from competitors and win the red dot best design award

abb intelligent building control system is widely used, from home, to office, to conference room, to the whole building, through these systems, we can achieve the win-win goal of increasing efficiency, saving energy and creating a comfortable life

the red dot best design award with a history of more than 50 years is one of the world's recognized top industrial design awards. Mercedes Benz S Series cars, IBM's X and T series laptops, adidas' 2008 European Cup football and other world-famous products have participated in and won awards

abb motor and drive system help the hospital save us $400000 per year

ryhov hospital, located in JNK Ping City in central Sweden, is one of the largest hospitals outside Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The hospital has 3500 employees and provides medical services to 140000 residents around it. Recently, the hospital installed 30 new fan systems driven by ABB eff1 energy-efficient motors and controlled by ABB's advanced ach550 standard drive system. Compared with previous products, this set of fan system has greatly reduced the calorific value, works very stably and reliably, can operate at full load at lower temperatures, and saves 30% energy. With this alone, the hospital can save $400000 in electricity bills every year. In addition, the workload required to maintain this system is only one tenth of the original, which further reduces the expenditure and enables the hospital to recover the investment cost within two years

ABB eff1 motor used in this fan system is one of the most energy-efficient motors in the European market, while ach550 traditional system is the only transmission system in the current market that meets the latest European electromagnetic compatibility and harmonic limitation standards. These products, together with sensors, electromechanical devices, drivers, electrical components and other products of ABB's other universal tensile testing machines, confirm that they can help all kinds of users, from small families to large factories and even the whole electricity, achieve the goal of substantial efficiency and energy conservation

abb is a leading manufacturer in the field of power and automation technology, ranking among the world's top 500. ABB's technology can help power, utility and industrial customers improve performance while reducing adverse environmental impacts. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 120000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and services. 15000 employees in China serve 26 local enterprises and 38 sales and service branches in 60 different cities. To learn more about abb, please visit

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