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Editor's note: the 4trillion yuan launched by the Chinese government has boosted the economy, and more than half of the money has been invested in major infrastructure projects, such as railways, highways, airports, and eco-environmental projects. Therefore, there are still many gold mining opportunities in the field of industrial control in 2009

since more than half of the money in the 4trillion yuan economic pull plan launched by the Chinese government has been invested in major infrastructure projects, such as railways, highways, airports, and ecological environmental projects (such as wind power generation, LED lighting, solar power generation, etc.), there are still many gold mining opportunities in the field of industrial control in 2009, among which the three largest business opportunities are green power generation, LED lighting, and Ethernet power supply

green power generation mainly refers to wind power generation and solar power generation. Using renewable energy, wind power and solar power generation can not only reduce the demand for thermal power plants that seriously pollute the environment, but also greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Once it can be used on a large scale, it can not only create a sustainable ecological environment with blue sky and clear water for future generations, but also make substantial contributions to the Chinese government's energy conservation and emission reduction goals

since most wind and solar power stations are built on mountains or in the wild with harsh environment, they are not only required to have high reliability of signal acquisition, amplification, filtering, control and drive systems, but also required to have the ability of remote communication. Obviously, the traditional high reliability programmable logic controller (PLC) can no longer meet this complex calculation, control and communication requirements, and when the manual control box or microcomputer software cannot drive the machine, it must give way to the programmable automatic controller (PAC), which has risen rapidly in recent years

at present, the main PAC suppliers in the industry include Advantech, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Rockwell Automation, Ni, OPTO22 and Bosch Rexroth. Considering that most readers may not know much about PAC, this cover story will introduce in detail the main driving force of promoting PAC to replace PLC in the industry at present, PAC to make it radioactive, other main applications of PAC And how to use PAC to realize complex industrial field connection, communication and control tasks

led lighting has become the mainstream development trend of home lighting, automobile lighting, general lighting, landscape lighting and street lighting, because compared with the existing incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), linear fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and high intensity gas discharge lamps (HID), it is the only lamp that does not need high-voltage starting. 6W LED lamps can produce greater brightness than 44w halogen lamps, and the power consumption is only about 1/6, Therefore, LED lights can greatly save electric energy. Not only that, LED lamps are small, solid and long-life, but also do not contain toxic substances like CFL

since about 19% of the global electric energy is used for lighting, if this part of electric energy consumption can be reduced, considerable energy-saving effects will be produced. In view of this, the industry is constantly committed to seeking more energy-efficient lighting solutions for the general lighting market. In addition, in recent years, as green environmental protection groups continue to expand the boundaries of energy conservation and environmental protection, various regulatory and standard organizations continue to issue new energy efficiency standards, and end products continue to develop in the direction of higher integration and smaller size. Reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency have become governments, industry organizations, semiconductor companies, and electronic product manufacturers in many countries around the world Due to the adoption of full digital measurement controller and low-noise sensor, it is a focus of common concern of manufacturers and consumers

these market drivers make the prospect of LED lighting market very bright. Jeffshepard, President of darnellgroup, a market research company, also pointed out: "the shrinkage rate of various plastics in general lighting, medical treatment and construction led lighting is not a constant value. The application will show an average annual compound growth rate of more than 90% in the next five years, and this growth potential will be immediately revealed in 2009."

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