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How to deal with sandstorm sudden attack instruments and meters

Abstract: the North suffered the strongest sandstorm weather this year yesterday. At present, the yellow sand footprint covers more than 10 provinces (cities, districts), affecting an area of more than 1.5 million square kilometers. Did the sandstorm grow up with it

beginning of summer, April Festival. See spring by setting up words. Summer, vacation also. Things are all fake at this time. May 5 is the solar term for the beginning of summer in China, which means that everything has grown up. However, northern China suffered the strongest sand and dust weather this year yesterday. At present, Huangsha has covered more than 10 provinces (cities, districts) and affected an area of more than 1.5 million square kilometers. Did the sandstorm grow up with it

today, strong winds and dust gathered in the capital, bringing cooling, but also maintaining the city's air quality at a serious pollution level, without a trace of the feeling that summer is about to enter. Affected by the sandstorm and sand blowing weather in the upper reaches, the scene of yellow sand covering the sky appeared in the capital on the 4th. Early on the morning of the 5th, visibility in most areas of Beijing was only about 1 to 2 kilometers. At 8 o'clock, the live map of Beijing's air quality showed a reddish brown representing the highest warning. Among the 35 monitoring stations in the city, the primary pollutant of most stations is PM10, and the primary pollutant of only a few stations is PM2.5. From the monitoring value of PM10, the real-time concentration of PM10 at more than half of the stations exceeds 1000 micrograms/cubic meter. From the PM2.5 monitoring data, the real-time concentration of PM2.5 in more than half of the stations exceeded 250 micrograms/cubic meter, and the highest exceeded 400 micrograms/cubic meter. Most passers-by are sunglasses, masks and hats. The armed system and the grass-roots wall should be reliably fixed and protected by hands to prevent the "equipment" from being blown away by the wind

according to the Beijing environmental protection monitoring center, on the morning of the 5th, the northwest cold high front passed through, and Beijing will still be affected by a new strong wind and dust pollution, but the pollution level is significantly lighter than that on the 4th. Dust pollution will basically end on the afternoon of the 5th, when the air quality will improve

when it comes to sandstorms, environmental monitoring and governance are unavoidable topics

in recent years, with the implementation of major ecological projects such as the construction of three North shelterbelts, the harm of sand and dust has been greatly reduced. I remember two years ago, during the two sessions of the National People's Congress, a representative talked about the dust storm in Beijing and said: "many years ago," in spring, Beijing always has a period of particularly heavy dust, which can dye the sky yellow when it is severe "," now the days of 'yellow all over the sky' are less and less "

however, diseases come and go like a mountain. Although over the years, we have made unprecedented efforts in environmental and ecological construction. Through market environmental capacity trading, it is not easy to deal with the ecological environment nationwide, just to pay off the historical accounts. As an important source of environmental protection data, environmental protection instruments and meters undertake three arduous tasks: environmental monitoring, quality evaluation and providing basis for scientific environmental governance

with the rapid development of science and technology across the country, China is also constantly strengthening environmental protection. In recent years, all provinces and cities across the country have been scrambling to build environmental monitoring networks. After the guidance on promoting the socialization of environmental monitoring services, the environmental protection department will also speed up the revision of the environmental monitoring management measures and further promote the introduction of the environmental monitoring regulations

at the same time, in front of China's vast land area, a single air monitoring instrument has been "inadequate". Based on this situation, we should integrate the use environment and scope of the continuous automatic air quality monitoring system, the automatic smoke monitoring system and the dynamic stiffness testing machine, and build a nationwide environmental monitoring network with multiple instruments and meters of the emergency monitoring vehicle, so as to achieve immediate results

a series of negative effects brought about by the rapid development of cities have become the common "nerve pain points" of all countries around the world. When we enjoy the convenience brought by the development of science and technology, the ecological environment has become increasingly difficult for the instrument industry to veto the universal suffrage act. The instrument industry needs to constantly improve the level of intelligence, automation and informatization, adapt to social needs, and provide more accurate data for environmental monitoring, so as to have the courage to face difficulties and the ease to solve problems

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