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How to deal with the problems caused by low gram base paper in carton printing

the common base paper used for vacuum gold plating on the section of corrugated box surface paper are: box board paper, face paper, kraft cardboard, tea board paper, white board paper and single-sided coated white board paper. The physical and chemical indexes, surface properties and printability of the above-mentioned base papers are greatly different due to the differences in the papermaking materials and papermaking processes of each base paper

when using low gram base paper as corrugated board surface paper, there will be the problem of showing corrugated marks on the surface of corrugated board. It is easy to cause the corrugation and the required graphic content cannot be printed in the low recess of the corrugation. In view of the uneven surface of the corrugated board caused by the exposed corrugation, the flexible resin plate with good resilience should be selected as the printing plate to overcome the defects of unclear printing and exposed bottom. In particular, at present, the excess capacity of the low-end market of lithium battery diaphragms in China is the A-type corrugated board produced with low gram paper. After printing by the printing machine, the flat pressing strength of the corrugated board will be greatly damaged. In addition, after the corrugated board passes through the printing roller and the embossing roller, its side pressing strength will also be greatly damaged

if the corrugating board's surface roughness phase is calculated or checked, it must be too big, and it is easy to cause the corrugating board produced by the corrugating board line to warp. Warped paperboard will cause overprint inaccuracy and printing slotting, so warped paperboard should be flattened before printing. If the uneven corrugated board is forcibly printed, it is easy to cause gauge walking. It will also cause the thickness of corrugated board to decrease

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