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How to deal with the fault of vibrating disk

possible reasons for the non operation of the vibrating disc

1. Insufficient power supply voltage

2. The connection between the vibrating disc and the controller is broken

3. The fuse of the controller is burnt out

4. The coil is burnt out

5. The gap between the coil and the skeleton is too small or too large

6. There are parts between the circlip and the skeleton

7. The vibrating disc is against hard objects, and the top plate or chassis meets other equipment

the vibrating disc vibrates weakly or too slowly, sporadically or not.Feed regularly, It may be due to:

1 Spring fracture

2 The bottom plate is too thin

3 The mounting surface is defective and lacks hardness. If suspended on the equipment table, the vibration will be too weak, The thickness of the table should be at least/2 ", so that the law enforcement pressure will not be large. The vibration absorption can be customized arbitrarily according to the demand. The cylindrical support feet must be equipped with triangular support plates.

4. The table top is not horizontal

5. There are sundries in the disk

6. The air gap of the coil should be as small as possible

7. The machine rhythm is too fast, resulting in parts sliding from the vibration disk.

8. Electrical fluctuation

9. The controller needs to be readjusted to adapt to electrical fluctuation.

10 such as product number, production batch number, and experimental department Door, sample sending department, report number, experiment date, reporter, etc Part problems: out of tolerance, bending, oil, etc.

11 The fastening screws between the plate and the base are not tight or in the wrong position

12 Too many parts

13 Improper chassis adjustment

14 In case of material change, the panel should be re trimmed and the chassis should be re adjusted

15 There may be some problems when using air blowing, such as unstable air pressure, air source pollution, water or oil. These pollutants will stay on the surface of the vibrating plate, causing the feeding speed to slow down or even not go. The air source must be clean and dry, and equipped with independent pressure regulator and filter. Do not use rigid pipes, which will reduce the feeding performance. Flexible hoses should be used

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