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[LLDPE] at the beginning of the month, petrochemical implemented the new price quotation to follow the rise

I. Market Overview

LLDPE spot market rose narrowly. Petrochemicals implemented the new price at the beginning of the month, and the quotation of merchants followed suit. However, with the advent of the Qingming Festival holiday, the market trading atmosphere was light, and most merchants were not interested in war. A few shipped on the market, and some closed their plates and waited for the holiday. The terminal demand has not improved, the inquiry is cold, and the firm offer transaction is not much

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

crude oil futures closed slightly higher on Friday (March 30), as traders closed their positions after the sharp fall in foreign exchange market oil prices earlier this week. The oil price rose cumulatively in this quarter. The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) realized the localization of important raw materials with light weight and low sulfur in May, and the settlement price of crude oil futures contract rose by 2. This is generally clear by looking at the equipment manual; Let's take a look at the brand's reputation and reputation. 4 cents was $103.02 a barrel, up 0.2%

on Friday, the Asian ethylene market rose $10/ton, and CFR Northeast Asia pendulum fell rapidly/Southeast Asia closed at 1360 5 US dollars/ton and US dollars/ton. It is difficult to find low prices in the spot market, and there is still a lack of effective follow-up in downstream demand. Whether the future rise can be established for a long time remains to be coordinated by downstream products

III. local market conditions

the LLDPE market quotation rose today. Approaching the small and long holiday, the buyer and the seller remain cautious and negotiate more when making a deal

the PE market quotation in Yuyao is stable and small. With the advent of the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, the market trading atmosphere is light, and merchants do not offer much, mainly shipping according to the market. The terminal demand is poor, the inquiry is cold, and the transaction negotiation is mainly

there are not many PE market quotations in Guangzhou, and some of them are higher. After Sinopec South China raised its listing at the beginning of the month, PetroChina South China raised its price to support trading today. Approaching the small holiday, some merchants closed their offers without reporting, some tried to follow up with the rising offer, and the terminal inquiry was cautious, and the transaction performance before the holiday was cold

most PE low-voltage quotations in Changzhou market rose. Sinopec/PetroChina East China raised the ex factory price in early April, and the market price increased significantly, but the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is approaching, the market is less popular, and the overall trading is relatively quiet

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

the ex factory price of PetroChina South China LLDPE has been increased by 50 yuan/ton, priced for sales, and the inventory is general. Jilin Petrochemical 7042 priced at 10600 yuan/ton, Lanzhou Petrochemical 7042 priced at 10600 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina northwest LLDPE is stable, the listing price is sold, and the sales situation is general. Dushanzi Petrochemical 7042 is priced at 10900 yuan/ton, and Dushanzi Petrochemical 0209aa is priced at 10950 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina Southwest LLDPE was increased by 50 yuan/ton, and it was sold at the listing price, but the sales were average. Dushanzi Petrochemical 7042 was listed at 10850 yuan/ton, while Lanzhou Petrochemical 70 said it did not expect a grass-roots entrepreneur 42h to be listed at 10850 yuan/ton

2. The quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the individual brands of China plastic spot LLDPE rose by 150 yuan/ton, and the lowest price of dfda-7042/Jilin Petrochemical was 10700 yuan/ton

v. future forecast

the purchasing managers' index (PMI) of China's manufacturing industry in March 2012 released by the China Federation of logistics and purchasing and the service industry survey center of the National Bureau of statistics was 53.1%, an increase of 2.1 percentage points over the previous month. In March, the PMI index continued to rise, and the range increased. From the significance of the index itself, it indicates that economic growth shows a rebound trend. However, from the perspective of market demand and economic growth, there is a certain gap. At present, in terms of spot goods, petrochemicals has frequently raised the ex factory price, but the terminal demand is still not awesome. With the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday approaching, the market has a strong holiday atmosphere and the response is relatively slow. It is expected that the PE market will continue to remain stable after the festival, and the petrochemical price strategy at the beginning of the month is worthy of attention

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