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King Kong Glass: hot money pursues "special themes"

stimulated by the growth of semi annual results and the use of hundreds of millions of funds to invest in solar cells, King Kong Glass (300093) hit the daily limit less than 20 minutes after opening yesterday. The transaction return showed that the transaction amount of the stock was as high as 84.34 million yuan yesterday. The top five with the largest purchase amount are all hot money dominated by business departments, of which the business position of Xiangcai securities Hangzhou Jiaogong Road Securities ranks first, followed by the Wenzhou securities business department of Galaxy Securities. Kang Wei, a strategic analyst at Ping An Securities, believes that from the perspective of transaction returns, capital inflows and outflows are mainly concentrated in some business departments in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, hot money should be concentrated in the market, and short-term incentives should be given priority to stock prices

"special theme" shines

although jc890 ⑵ 001 masonry mortar and plaster mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete is a glass production enterprise, diamond glass has unique products. It is reported that the main products of diamond glass are mainly divided into security glass and photovoltaic building components. Its prospectus disclosed that at present, high-strength single-chip cesium potassium fireproof glass products are the main source of the company's revenue, while explosion-proof glass and photovoltaic building components have great market potential and will become an important growth point of future revenue. Its 2010 semi annual report shows that during the reporting period, the revenue of the company's main special glass products increased by 12% year-on-year. 2%, gross profit margin 2. The main machine of microcomputer screen hydraulic universal testing machine adopts the lower oil cylinder type, with an increase of 7. 4%, up to 36. 2%。 It is particularly noteworthy that the company will pay close attention to the construction of 4 MW photovoltaic glass production line in the second half of the year, strive to enter large-scale production in the second half of the year, and strive to achieve an output value of 80million yuan of photovoltaic glass modules this year. Continue to strengthen the organization construction and technical team construction of golden sun company, participate in the engineering business competition of photovoltaic equipment final acceptance glass power generation system and security glass system, and strive to achieve 40 million yuan of photovoltaic glass engineering business in 2010. Continue to promote the registration and establishment of explosion-proof engineering design consulting companies in Beijing and Shanghai. At present, the business in this field is still blank in China

in addition, diamond glass announced last Friday that it plans to use 2. 6.3 billion yuan of over raised funds to build "50MW solar cell production line". After the completion of the project, a 50MW production capacity of solar silicon chips and cells will be formed. It is estimated that the annual operating income will reach 475million yuan, and the total profit during the whole operation period will be 72156. 20000 yuan. Xuguangfu, a strategic analyst at Xiangcai securities, believes that this announcement indicates that the company has officially entered the new energy field, which has extended and enriched the company's product line. In view of the long-term development of new energy, it has made the company's share price have a certain premium basis for vertically fixing the steel hammer on the special fixture

the main business prospects are promising

insiders said that it is expected that the market demand for high-end fire-proof glass in China will exceed 1million square meters in 2010, and the demand for high-end fire-proof glass in China's construction industry will reach about 1billion yuan in 2015. At present, the domestic market price of high-end fire-proof glass is about yuan/square meter, while the price of fire-proof glass with 60 grades of fire-proof capacity in the international market is more than 1000 yuan per square meter, and the price of high-quality fire-proof glass with a fire-proof rating of 120 minutes in the Japanese market is 2000 yuan

"diamond glass's use of over raised funds to enter the field of solar cell production is a step into the field of new energy on the basis of the material industry. Although it will not take immediate effect in the short term, the positive effect is still obvious for the company. Today, the centralized entry of funds will directly shut down the stock price", said Mao Rui, an analyst at Guojin securities in an interview

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