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DMIS (dimensional measuring interface specification), as the world's top operating system of cubic measurement software, is well deserved to be called the king of cubic software because of its perfect function, highly automated operation, wide adaptability and so on. The development of standards was first organized by the quality assurance program of International Computer Aided Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It was launched in February 1985 as the specification of dimension measurement interface. This specification is actually the connection dimension 7 Cast iron platform: a bridge for the providers and users of fire door flat measurement equipment, that is, the communication standard in the automatic review data system

the first version of this document, dmis1.0, was developed by IIT Research Institute, which belongs to CAM-I and was completed in March 1986. This period is the development period of three-dimensional measuring instruments all over the world

the second version is based on dmis2.0 and was developed by Pratt and Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technologies. Of course, the company also belongs to CAM-I and was completed in September 1987

the third version, dmis2.1, was accepted by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) as the standard ansi/cam-i

the fourth version, dmis3.0, was developed by DMIS National Standards Committee, commissioned by CAM-I, and accepted by ANSI as ansi/cam-i During this period, many major international brands have become mature in the function of real-time uploading of collected data and real-time issuing of control instructions

the fifth version, dmis4.0, has the same translation as above, and the standard is ansi/cam-i 104

the sixth version, dmis5.0, and other translations are the same as above. It was accepted as the standard ansi/cam-i 105 in December 2004

the sixth version of DMIS, which completely replaces ansi/cam-i 104 Standard, all from ansi/cam-i 104 Since then, the approved amendments have been integrated into this version, and the average export price has remained stable. DNSc affirmed this support and cooperated with European DMIS user group (edug) to develop DMIS 05.0 version, but Ningbo gained a lot Using this version is generally a three-dimensional extremely high-end configuration

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