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Hainan No. 1 kindergarten starts school after decoration, which worries parents.

Hainan No. 1 kindergarten starts school after decoration, which worries parents.

September 14, 2015

[China paint information] "kindergarten starts school after decoration, and decoration pollution is harmful to children's health!" Recently, some parents of students reported that the kindergarten affiliated to Hainan Normal University will start classes on the 14th, but the kindergarten is still filled with an unpleasant smell of paint. Parents are worried that their children's long-term breathing of this smell will damage their health. In response, the kindergarten responded that the kindergarten classroom has been tested by the testing agency, and the test results meet the requirements of class I civil construction engineering

according to a parent of a student, some facilities in the kindergarten were renovated at the end of July. The decoration was completed on September 11, and then enrollment and school running began

on the morning of the 13th, I came to the kindergarten affiliated to Hainan Normal University. Because it was a weekend, many parents of students were going through the registration procedures for their children. I noticed in the kindergarten that the newly decorated kindergarten had made greater contributions to building the new material industry with aluminum industry as the focus into a trillion level industrial cluster in Henan. I could really smell a smell of paint. In response to this matter, several parents of students were interviewed, and they expressed concern about it. "There will be a lot of harmful gases in the air of the newly decorated house, which may affect children's health." A parent of a student said that considering the tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. In this case, she has submitted an application for delayed admission to the kindergarten. First, let the child stay at home for a few days, and then wait until the peculiar smell of paint dissipates. It's safer

has the kindergarten taken corresponding measures to address the concerns of parents? Ding Jinxia, head of the kindergarten affiliated to Hainan Normal University, told the kindergarten that the bathroom and walls in the classroom were decorated at the end of July. The interior decoration was completed on August 13, and environmental protection materials were used in the whole decoration process. Subsequently, Ding Jinxia presented a "test report on indoor environmental pollutant concentration of civil construction projects" to the. According to the report, this test report was tested by Haikou Qiongshan Jianhong engineering quality inspection center, which sampled the indoor environmental pollutants free formaldehyde, ammonia Benzene and other pollutants were tested, and the elongation was not large. The test results met the requirements of class I civil construction engineering in the code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil construction engineering. "As the indoor and outdoor decoration of the kindergarten is carried out in batches, the plastic laying of the kindergarten's outdoor ground and the painting of the external wall were not finished until September 11. The odor may be caused by the paint on the existing skin like frosted surface of outdoor powder such as lumia polycarbonate." Dean Ding said that there are more than 500 students in the kindergarten. At present, more than 40 parents of students have proposed to postpone the admission time of their children. The kindergarten understands this and will also agree to the application of their parents. For the tuition fees of students who are late in school, kindergartens will charge less tuition fees according to the time of late admission

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experts: frequent decoration of kindergartens with money is not negative to children's growth

the materials published by the Chinese Preschool Education Association show that children are in the stage of growth and development, their tissues, organs and systems are immature, their immune system is underdeveloped, and their self-protection ability is very weak. Nowadays, the problem of environmental pollution is increasingly prominent in children's family life, kindergarten life and community life, which seriously affects the healthy growth of children

in addition to air pollution, interior decoration is a dangerous inducement for children's asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases, and is also associated with the occurrence of childhood leukemia

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