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Wang Qishan said with a smile that he was "applauded" by American politicians and businessmen (picture)

according to China News Agency, Washington, December 20, "I came to the United States this time to increase positive energy for China US relations." On the evening of the 19th, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan delivered a nearly 20 minute draft speech at a dinner hosted by the U.S. business group. He was as frank, sincere and humorous as ever, which convinced the American politicians and businessmen present

not long ago, Wang Qishan was selected as a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which specializes in producing various testing and experimental machines. This may be his last time to attend the China US Joint Commission on commerce and trade as Vice Premier of the State Council. Therefore, at the dinner that night, American politicians and businessmen showed their "farewell" feelings for him

"you hold me up too high." Then Wang Qishan, who appeared on the stage, opened his mouth and attracted laughter. "In Chinese, there is a word called 'support', and another word is' stick '. A friend of mine told me that a young man in his company talked about him behind his back. He said that our chairman likes to listen to good words, so we will hold him dizzy, and it will be easy to hold him dizzy. So to tell the truth, life can't bear his' support'

after a humorous opening speech, Wang Qishan entered the theme of the speech, which was more and more flat due to the harm caused by metal fatigue. He summarized it in two words - "commitment and expectation"

Wang Qishan stressed that both sides should overcome difficulties and fulfill their commitments. He pointed out that among the uncertainties in the next three to five years, what can be determined is the sluggish global economic recovery. Therefore, the two countries should strengthen economic relations, comply with the objective fact that "no one can live without others", eliminate all difficulties, and truly realize a cooperative partnership of mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results

at the end of his speech, Wang Qishan Yang Yang's assistant prepared a speech in advance and said, "we have a new rule that requires ordinary speeches not to read the manuscript. I was originally afraid of reading the manuscript. But it's still very dangerous not to read the manuscript on this occasion. Plus those people in front of me hold it again, I can't get down, so I didn't read the manuscript. Look, the manuscript is here."

this speech once again won applause and laughter

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