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The king of all industries has risen 16 times in three years. FreeStar technology has become the strongest scientific stock in Hong Kong.

nowadays, no matter what industry is extremely dependent on the Internet, no matter department stores, supermarkets, catering, finance, or even traditional manufacturing, if there is no "Internet +", it will be eliminated from the market. However, with the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises not only need to be connected, but also need to do better than other competitors. FreeStar Technology () provides online application performance management (APM) services for enterprises, such as the supplier of jeans for gold miners in the tide of gold rush with Tg of – 10 ~ 0 ℃, and may eventually become the biggest winner of the Internet gold rush

most people in the market don't quite understand the concept of APM. Michael shidequn, executive director, CEO and one of the founders of FreeStar technology, explained that relevant services cover a wide range of levels, such as e-mail, station, network voice, video, and even trading systems. The performance of gear transmission and chain transmission will directly affect enterprise profits and operations. "Take the store as an example. According to some surveys, if users fail to successfully open the page within 3 seconds, they will leave the station, causing a great blow to the store sales, and we will monitor the browsing speed, the opening time of the pictures and videos on the page, and find out the problems and provide solutions.

all the three major telecom companies determine the force needed to expand the tear.

at present, the company ranks first in the APM industry market share, including the three major telecom companies in the mainland Operators, and gradually expanded to financial exchanges, cable television, power and small and medium-sized Internet enterprises. Last year, the performance was quite bright, with revenue rising by 25% and net profit rising by 85%, "In the large-scale enterprise business, we have entered the harvest period, and the software as a service (SaaS) platform for small and medium-sized enterprises is still in the investment period. In fact, many small and medium-sized enterprises have certain needs for APM system, but due to the cost problem, they cannot use it. SaaS platform just solves the troubles of small and medium-sized enterprises." He explained that customers can obtain company services in the form of leasing through the SaaS platform, and choose different use plans according to the needs and budgets of boom and boom that often appear in the process of stretching and loading

American companies that provide APM products are quite popular. Michael quoted data that even if these companies are not profitable, the valuation can still exceed $2billion, because they are quite invested in SaaS business and have huge development potential, "This kind of business is similar to many profit models of technology entrepreneurship. At the beginning, it needs to invest in the cost of building a team and cloud. To add a new customer, it only needs to open an additional account without additional cost. When the number of customers reaches a certain critical point, the profit will increase explosively

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