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Ten years of three summers, the original intention does not change - Lovol three summers service team member Wang Haizhong

ten years of three summers, the original intention does not change - Lovol three summers service team member Wang Haizhong

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personal profile: Wang Haizhong, entered Lovol heavy industry in 2004, has been engaged in assembly workers, technologists, etc., and is now the coating second manufacturing employee of Lovol apos agricultural equipment wheel machine factory, He has participated in the three summer wheat harvest service for 15 times

I smelled the familiar smell of dry ears of wheat, mixed with the smell of straw with green grass, plus the itchy sweat smell of wheat awns. Well, this is the smell of wheat cutting. May and June every year is a critical period for the three summer wheat harvest service. In the wheat fields all over the country, the red Lovol Valley God is everywhere. As a member of Lovol service, I also began this year's three summer wheat harvest service

on May 23, I received a notice from the company asking me to go to Xinyang, Henan Province for wheat harvest service. As an old service team member who has participated in the service for more than ten years, I know that time is money during the wheat harvest now, and the first important task is to provide timely and considerate services to users at the first time. So after a short farewell to my family, I immediately drove to my destination

I hurried on my way. In addition, during the epidemic period, the service area did not allow food in the hall. When I was hungry, I ate bread and drank some mineral water when I was thirsty. After more than 10 hours and nearly 900 kilometers, the road was relatively smooth. We arrived at our destination at 8 p.m. However, before I put down my suitcase, it rang. When I took it out, I saw that it was the dispatch from the marketing manager. At this time, I had guessed that it must be the problem of the user reporting for repair that was in a hurry. Otherwise, we wouldn't have come as soon as we arrived at the dispatch. After connecting, we learned that a Lovol Ceres gm80 harvester originally owned by the user could not run during normal operation. After contacting the user with the loose and cracked components, which caused the failure of the parts, and even caused huge losses, we immediately went to the user's location. When the user was repaired and returned to the accommodation, it was already 1 o'clock at night

speaking of service, what I still remember is that in 2009, the company led a team to Mongolia for overseas service support. At that time, the company invited bids for the gh6150 project of 40 large harvesters exported to Mongolia. Due to language barrier, climate reasons, and the long journey, the service development work was relatively difficult, so we had to rely on local overseas Chinese and local personnel to drive us for maintenance

I remember once it was dark after repairing the user's car. Due to unfamiliar road conditions, I lost my way on the grassland when I returned, and I couldn't find the way back. Considering safety issues, I had to stop. In this way, several of us stayed on the grassland for a whole night and waited until dawn to return to the accommodation under the guidance of local residents. Looking back now, it has been more than ten years, and our service has also changed over time, especially because if the change-over switch is turned to the "fast back" position, it puts forward higher requirements for service efficiency and service quality in terms of service resource allocation, spare parts storage and delivery, service process management and control, etc

as a Lovol service personnel, I also actively practice the company's "customer-centric" concept with actions at all times, and always think about what users think and worry about what users are anxious about

at 10:20 a.m. on June 4, I received the dispatch order sent by the service team leader. A user in Yanjin County, Xinxiang, Henan Province called for repair and reported that the drum of GM Series harvester was out of service. The user was very anxious. After simply understanding the situation with the user, I have basically determined the problem. In order not to delay the harvest, let the user use the slow gear to harvest first, and at the same time, drive to the repair site immediately at 10:40. Because the staff of the self-contained service car were not familiar with the road conditions and drove slowly on the road, I communicated with the staff of the agricultural machinery company for fear of delaying time on the road. At 11:00, we changed the service car in the middle of the way to arrive at the maintenance site faster. Because we accelerated the drive, we arrived at the maintenance site at 11:40 on the left and right

after getting out of the car, through on-site communication with the user, I checked the car to produce low-cost, high-quality graphene products, and confirmed that my judgment was correct before I came. All the loss of rotation was caused by the failure of a hydraulic lock of the five-way electromagnetic multi-way valve. Since the accessories had not arrived at that time, in order not to delay the user's operation, I thought of a way: replace a bolt first to ensure the immediate start of work, After I communicated my idea with the user at the end of the night, the user was very satisfied with this scheme and said with a smile, "as long as it doesn't delay the harvest and make money, you can do it." After instructing the user a few precautions, I and the personnel of the agricultural machinery company immediately drove to the county to buy the bolts. After buying the bolts, at 12:30, we rushed back to the maintenance site and immediately replaced them for the user

"well, master, you try the car. If there is no problem, work first, and I'll replace the parts in the evening."

after the car test, users are also happy to see that their "baby" can gallop in the field to make money for themselves. At this time, users are also happy. Seeing the user's smile, I put down my hanging heart at this moment, and asked the user to pay attention to the operation and harvesting. The user also gave a high degree of recognition to my service. Wave goodbye to us before leaving

at this time, it is 1:30 p.m. and the next repair request is waiting for me to deal with

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