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"King Kong stands proudly in the Jianghu", Lovol rotary drill is comprehensively upgraded

"King Kong stands proudly in the Jianghu", Lovol rotary drill is comprehensively upgraded

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Guide: in 2014, with the high tide of high-speed rail construction subsided and the demand for Subgrade and Bridge decreased, driven by regional investment, industrial and civil buildings have become the main growth points of economic development in recent years, while rail transit, water conservancy projects The construction of urban circle will become the investment hotspot in the future; At the same time, the south of the construction area of rotary drilling rig

in 2014, as the high tide of high-speed railway construction subsided and the demand for Subgrade and Bridge decreased, driven by regional investment, industrial and civil buildings have become the main growth points of economic development in recent years, while rail transit, water conservancy projects and urban circle construction have become the investment hotspots in the future; At the same time, the construction area of the rotary drilling rig moves southward, and the operation is mainly hard rock construction, so the requirements for the drilling rig's rock entry capacity are high; Karst caves, quicksand and groundwater put forward higher requirements for the construction method support and supporting technology of the drilling rig; The recovery of the global economy, the rise of overseas investment and the export of high-speed rail technology have made the medium-sized rotary drilling rig that was originally suitable for the construction of high-speed rail rise again

in combination with the current market situation, Lovol rotary drilling rigs take the opportunity of product quality improvement to actively upgrade their products and launch the "King Kong" series of rotary drilling rigs, focusing on the economic and efficient 1. In fact, it is a 5-ton meter series suitable for industrial and civil construction, an efficient and reliable 28 ton meter series suitable for hard rock construction, and an optimized and upgraded 22 ton meter series of Lovol rotary drilling rigs suitable for composite strata and overseas construction

Lovol "King Kong" series rotary drilling products basically meet the needs of large and small end models in the market, and pay attention to the needs of medium-sized models at home and abroad. The operating conditions of the products cover industrial and civil construction, rail transit, port bridges, such as high-strength cable steel, high value-added vehicle and high-speed railway long product materials. Torsional performance tests and foundation construction of water conservancy and energy projects are required. This series of products comprehensively covers 10 ton meter level, 15 ton meter level, 22 ton meter level, 28 ton meter level, 40 ton meter level and other popular products in the market. Lovol "King Kong" series rotary drilling products take Lovol special chassis or Carter chassis as the carrier, combined with Lovol's mature technology and the industry's top supporting resources, strive to create high cost-effective small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs and efficient and reliable large and super large rotary drilling rigs that meet the market

in the process of product development, the R & D team of Lovol rotary drill carried out hundreds of market research according to the latest working conditions and geological changes in the market, covering Sichuan and Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou, Yunnan and Guizhou, Guangdong and Guangxi, Shandong, Shanxi and Jinan gold testing low-temperature groove impact knife and other hot selling areas, with a journey of tens of thousands of kilometers. The R & D personnel carried out in-depth analysis and comprehensive investigation on all the repair projects of the previous products, and applied a series of the latest technology and construction resources in the industry to carry out more than ten major improvements and upgrades on the products, such as hydraulic and electrical upgrading, pipeline optimization, structural strengthening, power head structural optimization, which reflects the product philosophy of Lovol rotary drilling products, which takes customer needs as the starting point and market development as the focus

in terms of product configuration and selection, Lovol "King Kong" series rotary drills pay attention to the reliability design of products. Small and medium-sized models are guaranteed by the mature supporting resources of Lovol excavators. Isuzu and Cummins engines provide economic and efficient power output with the shape of 3.2.1 bricks, and Kawasaki and Rexroth hydraulic and electrical control systems provide fine and accurate response output. Under the same load, the fuel consumption is reduced by more than 10%; Large and super large models take Carter chassis as the platform, take multiple safety prevention and control and performance improvement as the goal, and adopt a variety of strengthening measures such as high-strength and multiple shock absorption design power head, advanced rotary locking, main coil rear position, protection upgrading, etc. the structural strength is increased by 31.5%, and the rock entry efficiency is increased by more than 20%. At the same time, under the guidance of FMEA failure mode and impact analysis technology, the implementation of PDI (pre-sales inspection) measures is guaranteed to effectively realize the highly reliable design concept

in terms of equipment construction and application, focus on improving product operation efficiency, adopt double pump confluence technology, improve the working speed of the main coil, and shorten the operation cycle time; Adopt multi gear control of power head, improve geological adaptability and realize full working condition by relying on a variety of construction modes; Optimize the luffing mechanism, shaking slag unloading, earthquake resistance and torsion resistance, BHA and other aspects to comprehensively improve the equipment construction efficiency. In addition, the product R & D team also optimized and upgraded the use, repair, maintenance, transportation, production, design and other links of the products in combination with the product design and use experience of Lovol rotary drilling rig in recent ten years

"breaking mountains and stones, Lovol diamond; diamond quality, inheriting classics". Over the past decade, Lovol auger has become a good helper for users to start a business and get rich with its continuous efforts in quality, service and construction method support; For example, Lovol fr630d rotary drilling rig was awarded the top ten piling machinery products in China in 2013. The Lovol "King Kong" series rotary drill launched this time is a highly competitive product launched by Lovol rotary drill through continuous product upgrading, management upgrading and verification upgrading on the basis of inheriting excellent quality

it is understood that in the next few years, Lovol rotary drill will continue to actively explore the upgrading of hydraulic and electronic control, and strengthen cooperation with world-class brands such as Caterpillar, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Cummins, etc; Focus on creating more safe, reliable, cost-effective Lovol rotary drilling products to improve customer revenue. In terms of construction method research, Lovol rotary drill focuses on providing users with all-round support, such as engineering appraisal, construction method support, skill training, drilling tool optimization, drilling fault handling and equipment improvement and upgrading, so as to solve users' worries

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