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[Kingdee +aws] take off with the wind, and Kingdee goes to the cloud smoothly

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with the development of cloud computing and mobile Internet technology, Kingdee is also moving towards transformation. With the assistance of AWS, Kingdee smoothly went to the cloud, making Kingdee cloud a product widely recognized by enterprise users in the market, realizing the rapid growth of cloud service revenue, and providing significant benefits to the group itself and enterprise users in many ways

about Kingdee

Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. (Kingdee International or group; stock number:) is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and was founded in 1993. Kingdee group adheres to the product service concept of "user first, small, beautiful and fast", and provides software products and cloud services to more than 6.6 million enterprises, governments and other organizations around the world. The number of Kingdee users has exceeded 200million

Kingdee cloud is a new generation of strategic enterprise management software platform developed by Kingdee group based on the most advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, social networking, artificial intelligence, etc. with 24 years of deep insight and practice in Chinese enterprise management. Kingdee cloud focuses on large and medium-sized enterprises with multiple organizations and multiple profit centers, fully supports multi organization business collaboration and enterprise refined management and control, and management services cover finance, supply chain, intelligent manufacturing, amoeba management, Omni channel marketing, e-commerce, HR, and enterprise Internet services, helping enterprises pay attention to the changes in business models brought about by changes in users and ecological partners, tap the potential value of enterprises and gain insight into new business opportunities, Assist Chinese enterprises in digital transformation

about joining AWS

the development of cloud computing and mobile Internet technology has driven Kingdee group to transform to cloud services

aws' secure, reliable and expanded it infrastructure can provide Kingdee cloud with support for rapid deployment and automated operation and maintenance, help itself and enterprise customers reduce costs and improve efficiency

aws cloud platform can fully meet the needs of Kingdee cloud in terms of security, reliability, stability and scalability

about the cooperation between AWS and Kingdee

Kingdee cloud uses many AWS cloud services including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon cloudwa, Amazon VPC, Amazon dynamodb, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, El enhance soft power, astic load balancing, Amazon glacier, Amazon cloudfront. Among them, Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 provide the most basic computing and storage services. Kingdee cloud can expand the number of Amazon EC2 instances at any time according to the size of users, and there is no need to pre configure expensive hardware resources in the local data center for the peak number of users to cope with the rapid growth of customers; While Amazon S3 provides 99.% The data persistence and 99.99% availability of Kingdee cloud are far better than local data center storage devices, providing a solid guarantee for the stability and reliability of Kingdee cloud

AWS' open technical architecture reduces the difficulty of deploying Kingdee cloud. As an APN partner, Kingdee can obtain professional technical support and architecture guidance from AWS officials. At the same time, it can also access AWS' rich SDK and massive technical documents to facilitate the secondary development of Kingdee cloud's R & D team, integrate Kingdee's advantages in ERP products with AWS' flexible cloud services, and realize automatic operation and maintenance and efficient management of the system

aws professional technical service support team helps Kingdee carry out a variety of tests in the actual deployment process and select the appropriate configuration to save costs. In order to meet the performance requirements and optimize the cost control, the AWS technical support team copied the deployment environment of Kingdee cloud, and used Kingdee cloud's stress testing tools to test and compare, and finally found a solution to the problem, helping Kingdee cloud choose a reasonable am to focus on supporting the research and development, production, processing and manufacturing of aluminum plates, foils, forgings, castings, profiles enterprise AZON EC2 instances, saving a lot of costs

Kingdee cloud system architecture

aws provides help to Kingdee in business, technology, marketing and other fields, so that Kingdee cloud this product has been widely recognized by enterprise users in the market, realizing the rapid revenue of cloud services, realizing the growth of three closed-loop control requirements of load, displacement and deformation, and providing significant benefits to the group itself and enterprise users in many aspects

by deploying Kingdee cloud products on the AWS public cloud platform, Kingdee cloud breaks away from the dependence on traditional local data center software and hardware, and realizes cost reduction from product research and development, testing, deployment, operation and maintenance, etc., which can provide more competitive prices and services for the market, help enterprise users save more than 70% of it costs, and let enterprise users fully enjoy the cost advantages brought by the cloud. By developing and testing products on the AWS cloud platform, Kingdee cloud team can quickly iterate products, improve product functions, and respond to changing market demands. Users can use the advantages of the cloud to achieve anytime, anywhere access, and timely access to new product information, keep the system updated, and make business operations more agile

aws helps Kingdee cloud engineers respond quickly to support requests from enterprise customers without having to arrive at the customer site. Moreover, AWS' capabilities in security, disaster recovery and redundancy have also improved the reliability of Kingdee cloud products. Through the perfect encryption mechanism and disaster recovery mechanism, enterprise users using Kingdee cloud can get better security protection for their data as if they were depositing money in a bank

Kingdee group deploys Kingdee cloud on AWS cloud platform to provide more comprehensive and powerful enterprise information management solutions for thousands of enterprise users. Kingdee cloud adopts the SOA architecture, which is based on the Kingdee BOS platform. The business architecture runs through the idea of process driven and role driven. Combined with the Chinese management model and the accumulation of Chinese management practice, it finely supports core applications such as enterprise financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing management, etc

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