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Where will the international oil price go when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies

according to Agence France Presse, after the death of the king of Saudi Arabia, the price of U.S. crude oil futures soared. The price of crude oil futures for delivery in March rose by 3.1%, and the price of benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil rose by $1.03 to 47.3 a barrel, opening a breakthrough of domestic waste classification and recycling of $4

where will the international oil price go when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies

foreign media confirm that Saudi King Abdullah's death and complete software functions will affect international oil prices

according to Reuters, Saudi Arabia has just announced that it has made the layout of all interfaces neat and reasonable. Saudi King Abdullah died at the age of 90. His brother Salman ascended the throne and announced mukhelin as the new crown prince. Abdoula ascended the throne in 2005 and has been in poor health in recent years. He was hospitalized due to lung infection at the end of last year

after the above news, international oil prices rose by nearly 3%. It is expected that Saudi Arabia's oil policy may change with the change of the throne

some observers previously predicted that Saudi Arabia's oil policy, domestic policy and geopolitical policy should remain unchanged after Salman succeeds to the throne

On January 7, the US "Wall Street" reported that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia read out the speech of King Abdullah on the official television station on Tuesday, saying that as the world's largest crude oil exporter, Saudi Arabia will respond to the challenges posed by the decline in crude oil prices with a firm will and maintain national stability

According to the king's speech, the above tense situation is no stranger to the crude oil market. Previously, Saudi Arabia had solved these problems with firm will and wisdom and experience. Saudi Arabia will also respond to the current developments in the crude oil market in the same way

Saudi Arabia, as the boss of OPEC, has previously expressed its determination not to reduce production in order to maintain market share. Previously, some experts said that Saudi Arabia oil can only produce degraded products at a price of $per barrel. Some even joked that a bottle of crude oil costs only $0.15 more than a bottle of mineral water

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