The hottest Kindle triggers e-book marketing war

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Kindle triggered e-book marketing war

the low-key Amazon e-book reader Kindle paperwhite, which was launched two days ago, also showed a slightly low-key transaction. According to the estimation of Amazon platform, the Kindle paperwhite, priced at 849 yuan, sold more than 100 units. 6. Operators should be familiar with the instructions. The sales volume of kindle fire HD exceeded 1000

should be adjusted or cleaned. Yesterday, I visited the Shenyang market and learned that although Shenyang consumers are still unable to see the Kindle series products in physical stores, the three channels of Amazon China official, Suning Tesco and Suning physical stores have been fully opened to Shenyang consumers. Although the entry of Kindle into the Chinese market has been hotly discussed for many years, what we learned from physical stores is that few consumers come to the store to ask about relevant products

late Kindle

in the afternoon of June 7, Amazon officially launched two Kindle products in China. The official sales channels previously proposed were Amazon China official, Suning Tesco and Suning physical stores. However, according to the interview on the same day, in terms of channels, except that the sales of Amazon China officials are open to Shen, Suning Tesco has only launched a Kindle paperwhite product, and only supports users in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Chengdu to buy it. It cannot be delivered, and can only be picked up by consumers in stores. When I visited Suning stores in Shencheng, I didn't find two Kindle products on sale

on June 9, the wind pressure resistance test method Jisa 1515:1998 of Suning easy doors and windows has fully launched two Kindle products, which support consumers in Shenyang to buy, and can be delivered but does not support self delivery. After placing orders through Suning Tesco and Amazon China, the expected delivery time is 3 days, and some bank credit card instalments are supported

there are still no two Kindle products or relevant counters in many Suning physical stores in Shencheng. However, a staff member of Suning Middle Street store told yesterday that consumers can also purchase products such as Kindle that are sold in Suning Tesco in Suning physical store, but there is no spot to see. At the same time, it takes a certain time to arrive. In fact, it is equivalent to that consumers entrust physical stores to buy in Suning Tesco, which is the same as buying by themselves

according to the official information, the selling price of Kindle paperwhite is 849 yuan, that of kindle fire HD WiFi 16GB is 1499 yuan, and that of 32GB is 1799 yuan

Kindle products are still in the minority.

in Shenyang Sanhao Street, parallel sales of Kindle series products have long existed, but there are not many sellers, mainly due to limited purchase channels and market demand

Mr. Jiang, a shopkeeper who specializes in Kindle series products on Sanhao Street, told yesterday that he bought 10 Kindle paperwhite from Japan around March this year, which is the same as the configuration of the version officially launched in China this time. The price is 820 yuan. So far, 7 Kindle tablets have been sold. There is no Kindle tablet in stock at present. If you want to buy it, you can also ask the source of goods, but it is difficult to purchase it, and the quantity is limited, so it is hard to say whether you can get it, The price is not easy to determine

Mr. Jiang said that compared with other brand tablet configurations, the Kindle tablet is not cost-effective. The sales of e-readers are slightly better, but the sales are also very limited

Amazon's Kindle series products are mainly sold for Kindle e-book readers, and also for the sale of its online e-book resources. A senior Z fan told me. Amazon officials show that Kindle e-books currently support 10 categories, about 46000 e-books to download, and support non Kindle terminal reading. But for Shenyang, this part of the reading group is still relatively small, so the market recognition of Kindle in Shenyang is far less than that of iPad

when visiting several Su insulating glass elastic sealant JC 486 ⑵ 001 Ning physical stores yesterday, the salesperson said that almost no customers came to consult the Kindle products, and several Kindle e-reader holders who came into contact also said that at present, there is no need to update the Kindle products in their rivals, so they will not buy them

domestic brands take advantage of marketing

at present, Kindle will also face many new competitors to enter the domestic market. On the first day of the launch of the Kindle, Dangdang launched its own brand e-reader doucon (DUKAN) generation 2, priced at 699 yuan. It is expected to arrive on July 15, and it is now available for reservation. At the bottom of the product sales page, we also directly list the parameter comparison between the second generation and a world-famous brand, and point the spearhead at the Kindle. From the data alone, there are many advantages

Hanwang Technology also launched its self-developed new golden house dry light on June 8, at the same price as the paperwhite of the Kindle. At present, e-readers of domestic brands are also developing, and there are not a few products that have advantages over Kindle in some parameters and price. Mr. Jiang said that at present, Kindle mainly attracts buyers with Amazon e-bookstore and brand effect, but the long-term competitiveness needs to be seen

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