At the beginning of the Spring Festival in the hot

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At the beginning of the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, Jialishi's advertising and marketing was fully launched

with the economic recovery, the competition in the domestic coating industry intensified, and major businesses began a new round of market offensive under the EU legal system. In 2009, under the star effect of Li Bingbing, the spokesperson of carlys, both brand awareness and brand reputation have been greatly improved. In terms of product quality and service, Jialishi paint has established a strong reputation among consumers. In 2009, Jialishi paint successfully jumped into the "top ten enterprises in China's coating industry". As a rising star in the paint industry, Jialishi paint is undoubtedly a dark horse in 2009. From the development track of 2009, Jialishi will continue to take the lead in the new year

entering the year of the tiger, Jialishi paint has a good start on its first sales day, with a total sales volume of nearly ten million, raising our tiger prestige. In 2010, as one of the top ten enterprises in China's coating industry, carlys paint is ready to go. Together with the film queen of Huabiao award, Hundred Flowers Award and Golden Horse Award, as well as the Promotion Ambassador of "million forest" and "Earth Hour", it has further improved our process and technology ambassador, Li Bingbing, the charity Ambassador of Shanghai WorldExpo, and spared no effort to build a "Mercedes Benz" brand in the coating industry to achieve the grand goal of "ice expensive, speed, and Mercedes Benz in WanDian"

in 2010, Jialishi spared no expense, invested 60million huge amount of advertising, gave rich feedback to new and old customers, and let the dealer friends across the country win at the starting line. In the new year, Jialishi will run all the way on Ziguang Avenue

air force bombing launch

in CCTV's popular program "exchange space", Hunan Satellite TV's popular programs "every day", "forge ahead", "the story behind", Hebei TV station, Shandong TV station, Anhui TV station, Jiang Zai disassembly test pieces; Jiangsu TV station, Zhejiang TV station, Shanxi satellite TV station and other prime time hot advertisements, the national linkage to carry out low-carbon public welfare activities, with a total investment of more than 30million

flagship launch of the Navy

in the home channel of sina and Sohu, the industry professional station Huicong paint and China paint, the excellent industry newspaper media "China paint news" and "paint business information", as well as hundreds of building materials stations and local newspaper media, the total investment in advertising, communication and cooperation topics is more than 10million

Lu 7 (9) layer composite extrusion production line can produce flexible packaging materials with better performance and thicker military minesweeping coverage

carlys' four theme series activities of "kindness, harmony, LOHAS" environment Festival, love festival, color Festival and family festival, provincial, prefecture, county and township ordering meetings, investment promotion meetings and seasonal terminal promotion support, and create a WanDian alliance with the image of "the most noble brand in the industry", The total investment is more than 20million

judging from the development trend of Jialishi, in order to build a "Mercedes Benz" brand of domestic coatings, Jialishi has accumulated strong economic strength, accumulated thick hair, worked hard, dared to meet new challenges, and later made efforts and was on the top, quite like the king of the Central Plains

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