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Wang Gang said that glass is a completely investment driven industry, which is fragile.

innovation is risky, and there is danger without innovation.

"the development and expansion of the industry is for the prosperity and strength of the country, and for all people to live a comfortable life. But when the resource depletion and environmental pollution accompanying development are destroying the life in our dreams, we have to rethink the ultimate significance and value of what we do..." Wang Gang, who rarely appeared in the media, published a signed article entitled "there is always a force for us to move forward" in a prominent position in this newspaper at the end of last year. When the glass industry was included in the national adjustment list due to overcapacity, his article aroused many people's thinking, and also revealed a glass entrepreneur's thinking about the future development path and sincere feelings for the industry

how should the glass industry straighten out its own development path? How to face challenges and seize opportunities? "If the development of the glass industry needs to be driven by an internal force, in the final analysis, it is called metal fatigue. All our practitioners should have a responsibility to face the future and shoulder the historical mission of the glass industry." At the residence of the Shandong delegation, Wang Gang, deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress and President of Jinjing group, accepted the interview of this newspaper

Wang Gang was a deputy to the ninth and Tenth National People's Congress. He has put forward proposals on safety glass, energy-saving glass, solar glass and so on. "As an entrepreneur, we should integrate our mission with the society, and assume the mission of the times and the social responsibility while planning the strategic direction and operation mode of the enterprise." Wang Gang said that his feelings for glass stem from his understanding of history

In 1904, the Qing government allocated 1million yuan, all of which were completed under different environmental conditions. Together with the Germans, they founded Boshan glass company, China's leading factory glass company, in Boshan, Shandong Province. Jinjing group started here and witnessed the ups and downs of China's national glass industry in the past century. All Jinjing people have a historical complex, "at the beginning of new China, in order to restore the weak glass industry, the top leaders of the state have personally come forward to coordinate the assistance of foreign experts." Wang Gang recalled that he once thought that the more glass enterprises and the higher the output, the stronger the strength of China's glass industry would be. Then he suddenly found that a car of glass we produced could not sell the price of a box of glass produced by foreigners. "In the face of the gap, we have not slackened, introduced new processes and developed new varieties. With courage and wisdom, China's glass industry has achieved another leap."

Wang Gang believes that the current glass industry in China has entered the "Three Gorges of history", with risks and opportunities coexisting. The past is vast; There is no way to account for the nation and the country. All practitioners in the glass industry still need the courage and wisdom of that year, which is also the implication of his article. "At the end of last year, the state issued the opinion to curb overcapacity in the glass industry, which has become a social problem of general concern. I agree with it with both hands. I not only support it, but also hope that the state will increase the intensity of adjustment, eliminate backward production capacity as soon as possible, and speed up structural adjustment." Wang Gang said that the industry should have the courage to face overcapacity bravely and eliminate backward production capacity immediately. The whole industry should form a consensus in this regard. We should allocate resources and capital reasonably, aim at the advanced level of the world, and develop more energy-saving and consumption reducing glass to make it become the mainstream product of the industry. On June 29 last year, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council visited Jinjing group in person. "The premier asked very carefully. He was very happy to learn that the gold crystal ultra white glass and solar glass have reached the advanced level in the world, and told me that 'the secret of the success of a century old enterprise is innovation'." The premier's comments made Wang Gang full of confidence in the prospects of the entire glass industry. In his imagination, the future glass industry should become a strategic emerging industry, an industry with "three low and one high" (low emissions, low investment, low cost and high efficiency), and whether these ideas can be realized depends on innovation. In order to fully illustrate this bright future, he calculated three accounts

leading accounts are related to enterprises. "Take the production line with a daily output of 600 tons of float glass as an example. If the ordinary float glass line produces high-quality float glass through technological transformation, and these glasses are used for energy-saving products, the energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value of glass enterprises can be reduced by 70%, and the goal of 40% energy saving per unit GDP promised by our country at the Copenhagen conference can be achieved." Wang Gang said that the second account is the social account. 30% of the energy consumption of the whole society is consumed by buildings, 50% of the building energy consumption is lost through doors and windows, and the energy consumption of glass in the production process also accounts for 20%. The energy consumption of these two aspects can be reduced through energy conservation and emission reduction. If this goal can be achieved, the social benefits will be infinite. The third account is to make people live a more comfortable life by improving energy-saving products and reduce the expenditure of daily energy consumption. "These three accounts should be achieved through structural adjustment and transformation of the mode of economic growth, and the starting point of all this work is still that our practitioners should be responsible for the industry, the nation and the country, and shoulder the historical mission of the glass industry."

as for the current development trend of the whole glass industry, Wang Gang said: "the development process of the glass industry last year was very similar to the national economic operation trend, and a 'V' reversal was achieved from the beginning of last year to the end of last year." Data shows that from January to June last year, the output, export volume and total profit of float glass in China decreased compared with the same period, but the market and sales price of the glass industry gradually rebounded in the second half of the year, reaching the high market price at the beginning of 2008, and the whole industry turned losses into profits

speaking of the reason why the glass industry was first cold and then warm last year, Wang Gang analyzed and believed that it was the rapid stabilization of the real estate and automobile industries in the second half of the year that pulled the glass industry out of the bottom. He also stressed that during this period, the industry self-discipline work led by China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association and several symposiums among large enterprises and regions also played a crucial role. "It also includes the market space freed up by the elimination of backward production capacity. All factors combined constitute the ups and downs of the glass industry last year, which just shows that the glass industry is a complete investment driven industry, and it also shows that China's glass industry is still relatively fragile."

some insiders believe that last year was a setback year for the glass industry, and 2010 will be a complex year. Wang Gang agreed with this view. He felt that there were several factors that decided that it was not possible to accurately judge the trend of the glass industry this year, including the real implementation of the policy to curb overcapacity and the self-discipline of enterprises. At present, these were still variables

pay attention to people's livelihood and exercise the rights of people's representatives. Wang Gang will never come empty handed. He knows what he has to shoulder, and this time is no exception. "My proposal this time is to hope that energy-saving glass new materials and new energy new materials can be included in the national catalogue of high-tech products other than a series of problems caused by components, and included in the scope of new products and new materials supported by the state during the 12th Five Year Plan. At the same time, I also suggest that the state can allocate some funds to encourage and support the technological innovation of enterprises through national debt, discount and other means." Wang Gang said that technological innovation and progress run through the development of the industry and cannot be overemphasized. "There are risks in innovation, but there are risks in not innovating. This is a multiple-choice problem faced by all entrepreneurs."

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