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Wang Wenjing: build a combination of ERP applications

How can manufacturing enterprises apply ERP, what ERP to apply, and what application mode to deploy and implement an ERP system, so that the ERP system can be successfully implemented? As the largest software enterprise in China, Wang Wenjing, President of UFIDA, put forward his understanding, "only standards, industries and personalities can make the ERP system truly smoothly implemented in the era of popularization in China. In fact, ERP in China has just begun, and there is still a lot of value-added and development space in the next 10 years, which provides us with a considerable business opportunity." Wang Wenjing is full of expectations for China's ERP market

respect the four issues that customers care about

"in the next 8 to 10 years, ERP is still the biggest opportunity for UFIDA. In the process of ERP popularization, it will not only provide great opportunities for product manufacturers, but also bring great value-added space to upstream and downstream manufacturers." The research on ERP market in Europe and America gives Wang Wenjing sufficient reasons to prove his understanding. "In the mid-1990s, ERP in Europe and the United States developed very rapidly, which greatly promoted the development of it and it service industry in Europe and the United States. India's outsourcing industry expanded rapidly because the rapid development of ERP in Europe and the United States stimulated the development of the whole industry." Therefore, he believes that promoting the popularization of ERP will be the biggest breakthrough for Chinese local software manufacturers

Wang Wenjing attaches great importance to leading his team to communicate with customers. In the cooperation with many customers, Wang Wenjing frankly said that the four sentences often mentioned by customers gave him deep inspiration

first, customers should form a growing partner with professional ERP solution providers. "This shows that for many enterprises, the last ERP system should not only choose products and technologies, but also choose services, which can support their long-term partners to actually carry out enterprise informatization. This is actually the choice of an informatization partner." Wangwenjing analysis

the second is whether the partners have advanced ERP standard products, rather than fully personalized development according to the project. "This reflects a basic consideration when our enterprises choose ERP system, that is, to introduce a management system with advanced management ideas, which basically negates the way of customized development on a global scale." Wang Wenjing said

customers' concerns C. compare with the results obtained by different methods; The third question is whether we can solve the key businesses of our industry. "Every industry has its own characteristics. Whether ERP system can solve some key application characteristics and requirements of this industry is a problem of special concern to customers." Wang Wenjing said

the fourth thing customers say is whether they can quickly solve some personalized application needs of enterprises. As an independent entity, any enterprise also has its own characteristics and characteristics. Each enterprise will also have its own personalized needs in the application of ERP system. "Therefore, whether our system can meet such a personalized demand is also one of the issues we need to consider now." Wang Wenjing proposed a unique UFIDA ERP system according to the needs of customers

UFIDA's three advantages

UFIDA has always adhered to the path created in China. Since its inception in 1988, Wang Wenjing has made it clear that the R & D mode of UFIDA is to develop technologies and products with its own intellectual property rights and establish its own brand. In financial software, ERP, enterprise management software and industry application software, Wang Wenjing has always emphasized independent innovation. Since 2002, UFIDA's ERP system has surpassed sap and become the first in the Chinese market, and has been maintained until now. "Now, our comprehensive market share in China's ERP enterprise management software market is larger than that of the second and third places. It passed the first inspection." Wang Wenjing attributed this achievement to the "made in China" insisted by UFIDA. With the increasingly frequent attacks of international manufacturers, Wang Wenjing frankly said that UFIDA was fearless. 18 years of training and changes in the global market environment made Wang Wenjing firmly believe in UFIDA and Chinese local software manufacturers

now, more and more manufacturing industries are transferred to Asia and China. In the manufacturing industry, some enterprises that have produced new manufacturing management models are no longer in Europe or North America, but in China. "With the development and progress of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, UFIDA can fully rely on years of accumulated awareness of the needs of localized enterprises to propose application leading management software with stronger application ability and pertinence." Wang Wenjing attributed the first advantage to the change of market environment

the second is the technological development of UFIDA, which has the advantage of technological backwardness. Management software needs technical support. Management software in both Europe and North America has its own characteristics and is basically developed based on the technical architecture at the strategic level. But now, great changes have taken place in the whole technology. European and American countries have formed a relatively fixed technology model for a long time, "have their own historical burden", and have not kept up with the market demand. "On the contrary, although Chinese local management software manufacturers have developed a little late, they can directly adopt the most advanced technical architecture because they do not have this historical burden." UFIDA now has many group customers. These group customers have enjoyed the new generation of UFIDA products based on SOA technology architecture in the initial cooperation with UFIDA. "At that time, when our product came out, it was the earliest product based on SOA in the world. This is UFIDA's very obvious technological late development advantage." Wang Wenjing said

the third is the advantage of the environment. Now, the number of users of mobile communication and Internet in China has far exceeded that of the United States and Japan. "The management software based on Internet and device-based mobile communication also brings great opportunities for the future development of UFIDA." He believes that the most advanced management software will be born in China in the future once we have repaired it. Because "the international competitiveness of China's local international management software enterprises continues to increase, the Asian region represented by China is bound to produce world-class management software companies and become the third center of the global management software industry." He is full of expectations for the future

Wang Wenjing pointed out that the core competitiveness of UFIDA is comprehensive. As a software manufacturer, the most fundamental thing is product technology and service system. The brand is actually built on these two aspects, so UFIDA's current brand concept is "leading application and excellent service". "I hope our products are leading and strongest in application performance. Emphasizing standards, industry and personality means providing customers with advanced and powerful application functions. At the same time, I hope our services will be continuously improved and a high-quality and excellent service system. With these two systems, the core competitiveness will be formed."

three modes of ERP application

for UFIDA software, which is committed to promoting the popularization of ERP, the achievement in 2005 is not only to help tens of thousands of enterprises successfully apply ERP. In Wang Wenjing's words, UFIDA is more important to explore and give fair protection to domestic enterprises, and test out a road suitable for Chinese enterprises to successfully apply ERP on a large scale: standard, industry, personality. Wang Wenjing believes that if Chinese manufacturing enterprises want to successfully deploy an ERP system and apply it successfully, "standards, industries, personalities" and their appropriate combination "are a basic and the most important application mode."

he believes that about 70% of the successful application of ERP depends on whether ERP products containing advanced management ideas can help enterprises achieve basic management and standardized management; Industrialization is the best business practice in the industry, which makes ERP application go deep. "This application is a value-added and deepened application of the whole system on the standard system, accounting for about 20% of the whole system." He explained; Personalization is reflected in the independent management innovation of enterprises. "About 10% of it is the personalized application that reflects the independent management innovation of enterprises"

after 18 years of development, UFIDA has 500000 customers of management software in the whole Asian region. "In the future, 40000 or more enterprises will choose UFIDA's management software every year. At least 2million people use UFIDA's various management software at the same time every day." He has a goal that can make Chinese software enterprises proud. In 2010, UFIDA will enter the top 50 global software enterprises! "In 2004, we ranked among the top 200 global software enterprises. UFIDA has four years to go. The huge market space is enough for us to move forward quickly." Wang Wenjing is full of confidence. (end)

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