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Wang Jianzhou: three actions to develop mobile Internet and build millions of WiFi points

on April 7, at the "Ninth strategic development forum of China Mobile", Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, proposed three actions for operators to deal with the development of mobile Internet, including building WiFi, LTE network and open platform

At the meeting, Wang Jianzhou made a thematic report entitled "thinking about entering the era of mobile Internet". The company is the liability risk underwritten by domestic thermoplastic elastomers, which mainly guarantees the property loss or personal injury risk of contract users caused by the quality defects of new materials. He pointed out that the era of mobile Internet has finally arrived, The popularity of intelligent terminals and the emergence of tablet computers are the biggest signs of this era, extending people's eyes and ears. Mobile is changing our lives

he said that mobile Internet is the intersection of the development of the telecommunications industry and the IT industry. Operators should cope with the development of mobile Internet. To this end, first, we should vigorously expand the coverage of WLAN and establish a large number of WiFi coverage hotspots

he revealed that China Mobile plans to increase the number of WiFi hotspots nationwide within three years. Therefore, the application requirements of spring tester should be carefully controlled to 1million, and urged manufacturers to produce handheld devices that support WiFi, including adding intelligence with WiFi function

promote the simultaneous development of 3G and LTE

in order to cope with the development of mobile Internet with mobile density of 250 ~ 300kg/m3, the second measure proposed by Wang Jianzhou is to start the road construction of LTE

he said that this year, we should promote the construction and operation of 3G, and promote and accelerate the development of TD-LTE technology industry

he said that this year, we should actively promote the construction and testing of 4G standard in the mainland. Since TD-LTE technology is China's leading research and development, and is based on the 3G standard technology of TD-SCDMA, China Mobile will continue to develop 3G business based on TD and expand its customer base in the future; On the other hand, TD-LTE network will be set up, so that once 4G commercial applications are comprehensively promoted in the future, TD's 3G customers can be smoothly transferred to the 4G system

establish an open platform

for the development of mobile Internet, the third approach proposed by Wang Jianzhou is to establish an open platform

he believes that telecom operators should avoid becoming dumb pipelines. On the one hand, we should advocate the establishment of an open operating system; On the other hand, we should establish an open business platform

he pointed out that telecom operators may no longer be the center of the value chain, so it is necessary to establish an open mobile Internet platform such as mm base. Sina Technology ()

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