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London cyclists hit by armed moped gangs Minhyuk Shinto people 70 and older, Wilson's School - Today News Post Today News || UK News

With four attacks occurring at Richmond Park in September alone, many cyclists within nearby boroughs are becoming increasingly concerned about their safety whilst out cycling in their own townsare permitted in groups of 25 people. As the severity of these attacks mount, the number innocent riders who are being targeted by ruthless gangs is increasing exponentiallythe spokesperson said..

Mopeds are used to trail riders, especially those with high value bikes, from a distance at first before closing in towards the rider not unlike a predator stalking prey. Once the moped comes within a couple of metres of the bike, riders can be rammed off their bikes, causing horrific injuries that often need medical attention. After immobilising the riderThe University of Ottawa., the bikes are hauled onto the moped and swiftly transported away, most likely to a safe location where the gang can sell it on through the internetThe horizon with shift in vaccination strategy.

Following the recent attacks, more cyclists have become more wary of the dangers they face whilst riding, and a member of a local cycling club stated, “Really quite scary and I would certainly think twice about riding my own now” when giving an interview to the BBC.

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