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The first silly: the wall cabinet is full. Ms. Zhao has been decorated for the second time. Because she had a decoration seven years ago, she retained the style of the last decoration with her own experience and filled the wall cabinet of the bedroom. But a friend pointed out that this practice was out of date a few years ago, which made Ms. Zhao very angry. Expert analysis: the method of making wall cabinets full of walls was very popular about sevenoreight years ago. But with the decoration becoming more and more simple, this practice has been rarely used in the decoration process of modern families. In addition, because a large number of plates, glue and paint products are used to make wall cabinets, it is difficult to ensure environmental protection. It is recommended that owners use as few as possible. Tips from netizens: the closet mainly plays a storage role. If there are not many things at home, there is no need to make a closet at all. If you like, you can make some small partitions on the wall and place some decorations such as picture frames and handicrafts. If there are many things at home, you can store them in the wardrobe, bed box, storage room, etc. 2 silly: Board wrapped windows recently, Mr. Sun spent a lot of time decorating his son's new house. He wrapped all the windows with boards according to his old idea. But my son quit; Nowadays, young people don't dress like that&# 8221; Father and son had a conflict over this matter. Expert analysis: &8220; Light decoration, heavy decoration &8221; The voice of is getting higher and higher, and the family decoration is pursuing simplicity more and more, especially young people, who take simplicity as the fashion. There are few windows in modern home decoration. Ordinary windows pay attention to nature without deliberate packaging. Tips from netizens: just scrape the ordinary window white, and you don't need too much decoration. If it is a floating window, you should choose whether to use a board to wrap the window according to the actual living needs of the owner. If it is the interval between the living room and the balcony, it can be completely excluded. Even if it is included, it cannot be completely included. Silly 3: the bathroom is equipped with sliding doors. Mr. Li's new house is being decorated, but he made a mistake when designing the bathroom. The lighting in the bathroom is not good, so he wants to install a sliding door. But his wife thought it was too corny and insisted on installing a wooden door. The two sides were at loggerheads. Expert analysis: in the traditional decoration concept, toilets should be installed with sliding doors, which is conducive to daylighting. However, if the sliding door is used for a long time, the slide rail will be blocked by dirt, causing inconvenience. Tips from netizens: try to use less sliding doors for toilet decoration, and it is recommended to use more wooden doors. If you think the wooden doors are too stuffy, you can choose the wooden doors with glass decoration locally, which not only solves the lighting problem, but also looks beautiful. The fourth silly: the house at home is like a ballroom. When designing Miss Zhou's house, the warm and dazzling lights on the effect drawing made her yearn for it. When it was used, she found that many lights were rarely used. Turning on all lights at the same time not only consumed electricity, but also was extremely hot. My friend joked that her house was like a ballroom. Expert analysis: lighting will make the finishing touch on the decoration of the room, but indoor lighting must not be used too much, because this will not only cause unnecessary waste of money, but also very troublesome to take care of. Netizens' advice: living at home is not like living in public after all, making it too flashy is often counterproductive. The headlights used for main lighting must ensure sufficient brightness, and the other lamps can choose different colors and brightness according to their preferences




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