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Office room decoration Feng Shui

how to decorate office room feng shui

first, there should be a back, a promotion should be supported

the first place to place a desk is to have a back. If there is an aisle behind, the office will be more unstable and restless. The back can be a wall, or it can be equipped with a table or a low cabinet

second, the front is open and promising

the front of the desk should be open and not narrow. If you face the wall, your future will be blocked by the wall, and your luck will not unfold

third, there is no aisle on the front side, and there is no obstacle to promotion.

the front and side of the desk can't be an aisle, and it rushes like a road rush. Just like the outdoor road rush, such indoor road rush will also have a bad impact

fourth, the front is not right, and there is no mistake in doing things.

there is a pillar on the front of the seat, which is like being slapped in the face. It is bound to make a big mistake in career, and it is also easy to have headaches in general

V. It is too close to the door

the seat is placed by the door, and the office efficiency is poor. In the office, the higher the position, the farther away from the door. The staff is also the same, according to the position level, make a considerable configuration

VI. flush the door and road. It is suitable to set screens and low cabinets.

rush the desk to the door or road, which will affect your health and be prone to accidental disasters. There are great obstacles to work and promotion

VII. Press the beam on the top

pay special attention if the desk is just under the beam. Easy to be restless, dizzy and make mistakes. If you press your head, move the table forward and avoid it

VIII. The seat shall be cut at every corner

the seat shall not be cut by the asymmetric aisle and seat. If you work in this place, it will be more difficult. Friction and misunderstanding will occur in the relationship between colleagues

IX. the boss' vault and seats should be hidden

in places with cash income every day, it is better to place the vault in a hidden place, which is less easy to lose money, and it is better to close to the back of your seat

X. The boss' desk is larger than the worker

generally, the boss' desk is larger than the worker, so it is correct. If it is not big enough, place several cabinets next to it to increase momentum. Only in this way can we successfully command employees

Feng Shui about how to decorate the office room

avoid seats facing the door

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1: 123456 next page: Feng Shui seats in the office cannot directly face the door. Because the door is the entrance and exit of the air flow and energy of the whole office, and the seat is facing the door, it will be rushed by the entrance aura, which will easily affect a person's subconscious and nervous system, resulting in a hot temper or illness for no reason. You can set up a screen or plant at the door as a way to dissolve it

the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be directly facing the toilet door

the toilet is a place where filth is concentrated, and the toilet door is the place where filth is discharged. People who have been around the toilet door for a long time or are directly facing the toilet door will get sick because of excessive filth. If it cannot be avoided, a screen or large broad-leaved plants can be installed between the toilet and the seat, which can more or less block out a little filth, and the toilet door must be closed at any time

there should be a back (wall or cabinet) behind the Feng Shui seat in the office, and you can't carry the door or aisle behind your back.

the back of the brain is the brain wave radiation area, which is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body to sense the gas field; Therefore, the back of the office seat should be fixed and immovable; If someone walks behind, it is easy to lose concentration, and virtually turn a part of attention to the back of the brain, which will consume energy for a long time, affecting work efficiency and health

the front of the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be close to the wall

people's eyes grow in front, that is to capture more information; If the office seat is too close to the wall, you can't see the people and things around, which will cause subconscious anxiety and affect the stability of the nervous system

it's best not to have someone in front of the Feng Shui seat in the office.

if there are people facing each other in front of the office seat, it is also a kind of psychological evil. Without their own privacy space, it will either cause each other's satisfaction, or it will distract their attention, like talking and laughing with each other, and affect their work. It's best to put some potted plants or documents between two people

the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be behind the copier or computer

the overflow magnetic field of the copier and computer is relatively strong. If the office seat is too close to or directly behind the computer, it will easily affect its own magnetic field for a long time, cause physical and mental disorders, and indirectly affect fortune. It's best to keep an interval, or you can put a basin of broad-leaved plants in the middle, but the plants should be replaced on schedule, otherwise they will become a second source of pollution

there should be no washing table or faucet near the Feng Shui seat in the office.

where there is water coming out, it will affect the gas field, because the water itself can gather gas and disturb the magnetic field. People who sit by the faucet for a long time will have nervous system disorders or repeated fortunes. It is best to avoid them

there should be no large garbage cans or debris next to the Feng Shui seat in the office.

like the toilet, garbage cans or debris piles are also the source of filth, and avoiding them is auspicious

there are 6 pages in total, page 1 123456 next page the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot have insufficient light or no windows

if the light on the seat is too weak, it will cause the "Yin Qi heavy" phenomenon of insufficient solar energy and excessive geomagnetic energy. After a long time, it will make people lazy and negative, and it is also easier to be pessimistic

Feng Shui in the office cannot be directly facing the kitchen, gas stove, refrigerator

the kitchen is the source of fire and gas. If it is too close to fire and gas, it will also affect the nervous system and physiological field of the human body. In the long run, it will hinder a person's thinking ability. It is best to avoid it

the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be directly facing the water dispenser

like the faucet, the water dispenser is also the outlet of water vapor, especially if someone turns on or off water every day, it is easier to affect the stability of the surrounding magnetic field; If you can, it's best to keep an interval

there should be no beam or chandelier directly above the Feng Shui seat in the office.

although people don't have eyes on their heads, they are also particularly sensitive to things on their heads, and they are always afraid that something will fall off them; Therefore, if you know that there is a beam or chandelier above your seat, your subconscious will be armed and ready to protect yourself at any time. After a long time, you will consume a lot of energy and be half dead without doing much

the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be directly facing the door of the supervisor or boss's room

supervisor and boss generally control office workers, which, according to the ancient saying, is "Ke" office workers; Unless you don't have a supervisor and boss in your eyes, it's best not to face their room. Because you will be affected by their every move, you can't concentrate, and it's easy to conflict with them for a long time

pay attention to the Feng Shui decoration of office rooms

I. peripheral environmental planning

the water system, mountains, terrain, terrain, roads, bridges, and various buildings around the company have a great impact on the development of the company, so this is the first thing to consider in environmental planning

second, the planning of Feng Shui at the gate

the gate is not only the facade and external image of a company, but also the inevitable channel for people and logistics. It is the gateway to receive gas, so the planning of the gate is particularly important. A good gate can bring the dead back to life

III. planning of architectural pattern

the general principle is: the main buildings should be placed in the most auspicious position, and the secondary buildings should be placed in the second auspicious position

IV. planning of internal roads

good or bad luck, regret and reluctance. Roads are places for people to walk and cars, so they should be smooth and convenient, and conform to feng shui principles

v. planning of internal landscape

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1: 123456 the next page. The internal landscape of the company should not only conform to aesthetics, but also have the effect of making the finishing point, collecting mountains and evil spirits, receiving money and opening up fortune

VI. environmental auspicious color planning

color has five element attributes. According to the operator's life information and industry characteristics, the most suitable auspicious color is calculated, which has a certain auxiliary effect on the development of the company

VII. Planning of the office environment of the person in charge of the enterprise

the person in charge of the enterprise is the core of the leadership of an enterprise. His office environment is very important, such as the choice of office location, the choice of sitting direction, the placement of office equipment, etc., because they directly affect the person in charge, so they must also indirectly affect the enterprise

VIII. Environmental planning of the financial department the purpose of the enterprise is to make profits. The financial department is the hub of the company's financial management, and its position is ultimately related to the economic interests of the enterprise

IX. environmental planning of the main departments of the company

1. The sales manager should welcome Nawang gas

a company, because of the nature of its business category, its organization should plan compartments according to its needs for the office, and also make different arrangements according to the job content and position, such as the boss and the responsible supervisor, it is best to have independent space. On the one hand, it can maintain business secrets, but also have a quiet space, strategize, think and make decisions, and other employees, Appropriate arrangements can be made according to the situation. Generally speaking, shopping malls are like battlefields. One of the most demanding industries in the 21st century is sales. How to sell the company's products is very important. The sales manager is the mainstay of the company's business promotion. Facing customers directly, such as the vanguard force of the army, he must maintain vigorous energy at any time, and must also be placed at the forefront in the arrangement of office positions

in general, there is a guest reception room near the door of the company, which should be planned at the entrance. The living room is like a human face, which is called neimingtang in Feng Shui. The location is right or wrong. The popularity of the company is declining, and popularity is wealth. Of course, it is related to financial resources and fortune

in principle, the tables and chairs in the living room should face the door. After sitting down, you can face the door and breathe air. Don't turn your back to the door. Of course, it's best that the back of the chair can lean against the wall, so it's more supportive and stable to sit up. In geomantic omen, we must adjust the divinatory Qi of the business backbone table and transfer the prosperous Qi to our seats

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page is usually where the salesperson sits. He should face the direction of the door or the way to the door. Based on the principle of being able to welcome the entry-level customers, one means to welcome, the other means to welcome the spirit. Of course, the location and direction of the door are the best for good luck, so every day, everyone has strong energy to carry out business, and natural resources have been expanded

2. The planning and development manager should sit in Wenchang position

Wenchang position generally refers to the southeast Xun divination position, but it changes with the changes of the year of the Universiade. Different schools of geomantic omen have different understandings of Wenchang position, but most of them are inseparable from wood and water. The nature of the work of the planning, design and development personnel of a company is to rack their brains, create inventions, break through the status quo, develop new products or create new works, and have new ideas and ideas at any time. The office of such staff can be arranged in Wenchang square, where there is a prosperous atmosphere. Each office has a Wenchang square according to the arrangement of eight diagrams and nine palaces and the sitting direction of the house. In the geomantic omen of Yangzhai, the wood of the five elements of Wenchang square is green, and its main subject is wisdom, which affects the fate of reading and entering higher education, as well as reputation, image and official career promotion. The ancients said: "the first four tonggong hair branch name is obvious" when the layout, you can hang four brushes in Wenchang, Wenchang tower or jade seal also has placed a fish tank to inspire literary thinking

3. The financial manager should sit down





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