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Modern people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Today's luxury houses are no longer the magnificent style in the past, but the simple and luxurious style is the upsurge that people now pursue. Grand View doors and windows are low-key, luxurious, simple and noble, and are the favorite in the courtyards of top-grade luxury houses

when you open the window and see the noise of cars and horses at first sight, people who own villas have green and landscape scenery everywhere. Recently, reality shows have frequently exposed star mansions. "Qinggege" Wang Yan sits in Beijing's hundreds of millions of Mansions "Wangfu century", and the luxury of its facilities is amazing; Compared with qinggege's Forbidden City mansion, Zhang Ting's mansion, who plays "Qianqian" in "stunning double girls", is also extremely luxurious. The "sky garden" overlooking the entire Huangpu River is also shocking, and so are the mansions of other stars... All the exposed mansions have a common feature: luxury simplicity has become the mainstream element in mansions, and it seems that simplicity has become a hot trend pursued by stars nowadays

a home furnishing magazine once described "Qingge" Wang Yan's mansion as follows: in the sky garden, deciduous shrubs and other plants and flowers are planted. If the weather is good, Wang Yan will also sit in the garden with her husband and children to enjoy the sunshine over the Forbidden City. The spacious glass room gives a panoramic view of the surrounding environment. If the framework of a luxury villa is defined as having a spacious sunny room built of glass and metal, will high lighting rates and better visual effects make the owner feel the warm sun in autumn and winter without leaving home

of course, how happy would it be if there was Zhang Ting, a "dimple beauty", who could overlook the "sky garden" of the Huangpu River and the luxury villa with an exquisite kitchen? The unique design of insulating glass can be matched with square aluminum spacer bars and diamond aluminum spacer bars, and every detail is so perfect. Through this cleverly designed window, you can have a panoramic view of all the beautiful scenery, and also enjoy its royal and noble style emanating from the inside out

both Zhang Ting's sky garden and Wang Yan's adjacent Forbidden City can be described as luxurious classics, and all this seems to be in line with the product concept of low-key luxury, simplicity and nobility advocated by Shengjing doors and windows

I still remember the comment of a well-known home media: if you want to integrate the current mainstream elements of European fashion high-end villas on the basis of modern minimalist style, what you are pursuing must be the luxury beauty of extreme simplicity

look for the ultimate luxury beauty for a long time. You can look for it or meet it unexpectedly. If you walk into a store, in addition to the eye-catching items placed in the store, its door frame is also particularly enchanting: the delicate lines composed of imported rare rosewood and teak enhance the spatial texture and reflect the value in color and collocation effect, rather than just the layout of modeling articles. Then such a store will surely attract high-end elite kings with kingliness. The doors and windows in this store are aluminum wood doors and windows series from Shengjing doors and windows, which combines natural, environmental friendly and healthy solid wood materials with modern techniques, revealing natural and primitive beauty

comparing the luxury villas of Wang Yan, Zhang Ting and others, what they have in common is that the most respected design style of elite luxury houses in today's society is luxury and simplicity, and the embodiment of this connotation is expressed through every item in the house, especially the doors and windows. The luxurious and simple Grand View doors and windows are low-key, luxurious, simple and noble. It is precisely the product pursuit of Grand View doors and windows for many years that has become the favorite in the courtyard of top-grade luxury houses




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