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At the 2015 Guangzhou Construction Expo, qunxi door launched preferential policies for the vast number of dealers, and made the greatest efforts to benefit the dealers, which attracted many dealers to visit. The home hotline and the reporter of "wooden door world" made an exclusive interview with qunxi door Chen Jun with the theme of "foresight? Home"

from July 8 to 11, 2015, qunxi door launched a series of preferential policies for the majority of dealers, and made the greatest efforts to make profits for dealers, which attracted many dealers to visit. The home hotline and the reporter of "wooden door world" made an exclusive interview with Chen Jun, the factory director of Zhejiang qunxi door industry Co., Ltd., with the theme of "foresee? Home"

guest of on-site interview: Chen Jun, factory director of Zhejiang qunxi door industry Co., Ltd

qunxi door industry exhibition hall

qunxi factory director Chen Jun

home hotline: we know that new products are the wind vane of the trend, so the introduction of new products is very important. So what new products did qunxi launch in this exhibition? What are the new breakthroughs in technological innovation

President Chen: one of the new products we launched this year is hand-held wood grain. The biggest advantage of this new product is that it can show the three-dimensional feeling of paint. Another is that behind us, there is a three-dimensional sense made of plates. These two shapes mainly reflect the three-dimensional sense. In addition, there is a single door with a "six six big Shun" over there, which can use electronic password fingerprint lock through electronic products. These are the new products we brought this time

home hotline: you just talked about electronic products. Now humanization and intelligence have become a hot issue in home. How do you view this phenomenon

President Chen: at present, with the development of the market, the competition in the door industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In the development process of previous years, we mainly used cold-rolled steel plates to manufacture our wooden doors, and we didn't pay enough attention to painting. In this way, there will be rust and discoloration, which will seriously hinder our development. So we began to explore and develop continuously. Since last year, we have adopted zinc alloy steel plates and boshiming, which is well-known in the industry. This ensures that our products will not rust and paint surface discoloration and other problems. Now we can promise you that if you come to the factory and see that we are not using zinc alloy but cold-rolled steel plate or others, we can reward 10000 yuan to all users. Another is that if we find that it is not boshiming's paint, we can also reward 10000 yuan to you. Therefore, through this, we will make a commitment to the majority of users to ensure that every door of our company will provide you with the best product quality

home hotline: through your explanation, we know that the quality of qunxi products is very reliable, so a problem that cannot be ignored is about service. What better policies does qunxi have between service dealers and users

Mr. Chen: for our franchised stores, we have such a discount, that is, to join our franchised stores of qunxi, we will have special salespeople to specially come to the dealer for training, including how to increase the image of the store, how to attract popularity, and how to increase the order volume and trading volume. The second support is for products. As you know, individual doors are very large, and there may be some bumps during transportation, including careless scratches during their own installation. We will also provide some support for this piece of repair. On the one hand, we will provide soft power support, such as teaching you how to repair doors through video photos. In addition, for some serious problems, if we can't repair them by ourselves, we will have the manufacturer's special after-sales service personnel come to help repair them. This is through the second point. Third, you know that our door market has become more and more difficult in the past two years. In fact, is it the market shrinking or our business thinking? The answer must be the same. There are problems in our business thinking. How to break through the traditional thinking is another support we provide to our dealers. We support them through these aspects. Of course, all the prerequisites are to deliver products to customers with quality and quantity guaranteed, which is also the most important one

home hotline: you just mentioned that the market has been relatively weak recently, but we will soon usher in our "golden nine and silver ten" promotion season. What new strategies do qunxi have in promotion

President Chen: for example, the current exhibition is in Guangzhou, which is actually far away from our manufacturers. Therefore, we have been restricted in terms of sales policies and activity intensity this time, so we have not made any more measures, but we still have some activities, and I won't talk about the specific ones. But for the next sales and sales mode, we mainly want to carry out through a direct sales and an Internet, including the one we all envision is the sales of doors. We all want to build a supermarket for the door industry through the Internet, but we can't do it. We have this idea, and the company leaders are negotiating, and we may come up with this plan in the near future

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