Isoville ecological wardrobe is unstoppable

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What the wardrobe market needs is more and more environmentally friendly products. As the pioneer of solid wood ecological wardrobe, isoville wardrobe always adheres to the concept of green and environmental protection to protect your healthy home life

in the traditional wardrobe Market, the boards of products generally include maple, oak, walnut and pine, and consumers have little choice. The market needs businesses to develop more and more environmentally friendly plates, and this demand is very urgent

isowell wardrobe fully understands this market demand, vigorously develops solid wood ecological wardrobe products, caters to consumers with different market needs, and fills the blank market of the industry

ecological wardrobe is a new product in the market at present, which is mainly made of food grade, ecological board and other board products. It has passed the detection and certification of national authority, and is deeply loved and welcomed by the public

the ecological board used in the ecological wardrobe does not need surface treatment. It is directly cut and used, does not explode, is easy to process, and has the characteristics of waterproof, mildew proof, impermeable, easy to clean, as well as ultra environmental protection, non-toxic, pollution-free, direct zero contact with food, which has been recognized by the market public at present

isoville wardrobe originated in Britain and inherited the British noble, elegant and noble temperament. It entered China in 2008. In the process of development, isoville wardrobe has always followed the concept of green, technology and emotion, and deeply rooted in the new Chinese consumers

never stop and keep improving. Isoville wardrobe is shining in China with its own temperament and spirit




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