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Export situation and Prospect of China's construction machinery

1 market situation faced by China's construction machinery China's accession to the "WTO" will soon become a reality, and the construction machinery market is facing new forms and challenges. In China, domestic construction machinery has been transformed from a period of rapid growth into a competitive market pattern in which the supply of most products exceeds the demand. The production capacity of "three foreign-funded enterprises" has also gradually formed, and has formed a competitive situation with domestic brand products; Especially after China's entry into WTO, foreign capital and advanced production technology will enter the Chinese market faster, and the industry competition will be more intense. The engineering construction machinery products of developed countries have always occupied a leading position in the world, especially the United States and Japan, which account for almost half of the world market. The occurrence and development of these situations have brought China's engineering construction machinery products into a historical period of all-round competitive development. If the existing large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises want to continue to achieve development, they must unite, organize key forces, break through, and strive to find entry points for overseas markets on the basis of paying attention to the domestic market. The international economic environment is mainly reflected in the rapid economic growth of developing countries, and the relatively stable economic performance of developed countries except Japan, which basically have a growth trend. The sales of construction machinery is on the rise. This trend provides a better environment and opportunity for China to expand the export of construction machinery. As long as we join forces, seriously study countermeasures, develop overseas markets in a targeted manner, and open up a new world for the development of engineering construction machinery, there is still much to be done. 2 current situation of China's export of construction machineries 2.1 the technical level and price of the products are competitive. From the analysis of China's export of construction machineries, the overall technical level is 10-15 years behind that of developed countries, but there are also a few products close to the international technology, which was the method and technology commonly adopted in the 6710's of the last century, such as earth rock engineering construction machinery suitable for infrastructure construction and some construction machinery, Its performance price ratio index has been widely concerned by developing countries. Because the economic development and capital shortage of these countries are prominent common contradictions, and the bearing capacity of equipment procurement funds is limited, they place great expectations on China's cheap and good engineering construction machinery. For example, China's crawler bulldozers are more popular in Asia, South America and other places. In the past four years, the average export volume of Asia accounted for 55.8%, Africa 26.18% and South America 19.35%. In July and August 1999, Shandong bulldozer Co., Ltd. exported 35 320hp large bulldozers and 65 kinds of accessories to Iraq and Ethiopia; The other category of products is mainly to save expensive labor, improve labor productivity and reduce operating costs. They are also popular in developed countries, such as forklifts and small and light trucks. Objectively, the export volume that is easy to cause errors to Europe and the United States accounts for 52.4% of the total export volume of this category of products, Asia only accounts for 28.89%, and Africa and South America only account for 8.14% and 7.9% respectively. Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. has exported 50million yuan from January to October 1999. The market is mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States. Therefore, according to the demand of different regions, on the basis of improving the safety and reliability of products, do a good job in after-sales service and parts supply, and China's engineering construction machinery can fully enter the international market. In 1999, all enterprises increased their efforts to develop in the international market and improved their export awareness. Only XCMG group, Anhui Forklift Group and Shandong bulldozer Co., Ltd. achieved a total contract export of more than US $100million from January to November. The export of the whole industry will increase significantly on the basis of US $224million in 1998, which is expected to reach US $300million, an increase of about 30%. 2.2 main export products and export enterprises since 1995, the export value of China's engineering construction machinery has been hovering around us $250million. The main products include hydraulic excavators, earth moving and transportation machinery, road rollers, forklifts and industrial handling machines; Vehicles, concrete machinery, engineering vehicles, dredgers, etc. In 1998, the export of hydraulic excavators was 15.48 million US dollars (including joint ventures); US $15.1 million for earth moving machinery; 6.44 million dollars for road rollers; US $39.3 million for forklifts and industrial handling vehicles; 7.75 million US dollars for tower crane; Elevator 18million US dollars (including joint ventures); 9.97 million US dollars for concrete machinery; 18.38 million dollars for engineering operation vehicles; The ship digger is 11.29 million US dollars. From the above export value, these products have good export prospects. In terms of the number and scale of export enterprises, there are nearly 60 enterprises with export products, but the scale is very small. Most of the export markets are accidental opportunities and in a passive position. Only a few enterprises have a continuous export record. Among them, there are only 7 enterprises with an annual export volume of more than 5million US dollars. They are Linde Xiamen forklift Co., Ltd., Shandong bulldozer Co., Ltd., XCMG Group Import and Export Co., Ltd., Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongfeng Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mitsubishi and Suzhou Schindler Elevator Co., Ltd. Although other enterprises have export orders, most of them are not included in the formal international trade channels. 2.3 the export operation mechanism is not standardized. In recent years, the total export volume of China's engineering construction machinery has been stagnant. In addition to the product technical level and quality problems, the main reasons are that the export operation mechanism is not standardized, the export channels are disconnected from the production enterprises, the exclusive export agency system dominated by engineering construction machinery and the enterprises' own stable sales services have not been established, At present, there are as many as 500 trading companies engaged in the export of engineering construction machinery. Most of them have no after-sales service, have not established a stable market scope according to the region, and can not be stable even if they open up new markets. This guerrilla sales method of changing one shot to another place is extremely detrimental to the export reputation, enterprise reputation and product reputation of China's engineering construction machinery, and seriously hinders the development of the export business of engineering construction machinery. In terms of export channels, since the reform and opening up, with the development of market economy, various types of import and export trading companies, like other trading companies, have emerged as the permanent driving force for sustainable development. These companies carry out transfer or re export trade through various information channels or foreign aid projects, operate the export business of construction machinery, and have no maintenance guarantee measures, Some manufacturing enterprises do not even know where their products are exported. This kind of export trade mode is very unfavorable to the development of product export of the whole industry, resulting in poor inheritance and continuity of the export market. In view of the above, foreign trade

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