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On July 18, the steel price index accelerated downward exploration

on July 18, the steel index (mys plastic net reference molding process parameters are shown in the table below: PIC) composite index closed at 142.4 points, down 0.44% compared with the previous trading day, and the decline was slightly narrowed. Under the attack of a lot of bad news, the domestic steel spot market is still declining today, and the decline in the hot rolling market is slowing down, but the decline in the building materials market is deepening, and the prices in leading markets such as Tianjin and Beijing are generally accelerating downward

the country is in a high temperature and rainy season, and the already weak terminal demand is further restrained. The latest data of the Steel Association shows that the crude steel output in the first ten days of July is still at a high level, and the contradiction between market supply and demand has not been eased. In addition, Baosteel, Angang, Shougang and WISCO cut prices intensively, and the price range is more than 100 yuan/ton. The market is more and more pessimistic about future market expectations. In addition, the billet price has fallen for several days, which makes the market confidence almost collapse. The behavior of selling goods for cash is common if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked

on July 18, the flat material index was reported at 126.2 points, down 0.34% compared with the previous trading day, and the decline was significantly narrowed. Among them, the index of medium and heavy plate and hot rolled coil fell by 0.43% and 0.53% respectively. Today, the national medium and heavy plate market is still declining significantly, the leading markets of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin continue to decline, and the decline in Taiyuan market is relatively large. As far as the Shanghai market is concerned, in the morning, the prices of individual merchants were lowered, while other merchants followed suit. The decline in some specifications was expanded, but the inquiry and transaction did not increase. The market mentality is quite bleak. At present, the cost of some northern steel mills' resources to Shanghai is 3750 yuan/ton, which is lower than the local mainstream price. In Taiyuan market, where the decline is obvious, the market atmosphere is relatively cold. The market prices in surrounding Handan are lower, and some businesses have changed to purchase from Handan, increasing the sales pressure on local businesses. On the 18th, the price of 20mm medium plate in Zhengzhou market fell by 50 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

today, it is difficult to stop the decline in the domestic hot-rolled coil market. Following Baosteel's price reduction, Shougang, Angang and WISCO have intensively introduced price policies. The reduction range of hot-rolled coil is between yuan/ton, the bottom support of steel price is weakened, and the market is more and more pessimistic about the future market. Among the leading markets, the decline in Shanghai and Guangzhou markets is gradually slowing down, while that in Tianjin and Beijing is still generally falling back. According to the market feedback, the steel price continued to decline, and the hot-rolled coil prices of Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. fell sharply in August. The market pessimism spread, and the merchants' willingness to ship increased. However, the downstream receiving was generally poor, so they were more cautious. Some agreement holders are willing to stop falling gradually. However, in the case that the steel price continues to be weak, the popularity of steel and its new plastic materials is not smooth, the willingness of the factory to reduce production is not high, and the raw material price has also been lowered, the price still has the risk of a downward breakthrough in the short term. On July 18, the quotation of hot rolling 3.0mm in Taiyuan market fell by 80 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

on July 18, the decline of Longwood index narrowed slightly to 161.1 points, down 0.53% compared with the previous trading day. The 1310 contract, the main contract of futures snails, rebounded weakly, closing at 3864 yuan, up 0.05%. Today, the domestic building materials market continues to be depressed, and prices in most parts of the country continue to fall. Among them, the decline in the leading markets in Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin has increased, about yuan/ton. However, the prices of some varieties in Guangzhou and Fuzhou markets increased by yuan/ton. From the perspective of the dominant market, the quotations of large investors in Beijing continue to decline, and the market turnover is general. The three-level large thread is at 400, which will be created by the company's engineers to struggle around 0 yuan/ton. Businesses doubt how far the bottom is. The domestic economic growth was significantly down. In addition, the prices of the leading steel mills were lowered, and the prices of raw materials such as billets were also becoming weaker. Merchants' expectations for the future market became worse. During the day, the Shanghai market was chaotic and fell, and the decline of some varieties was expanded to 60 yuan/ton. On July 18, the quotation of hrb33250mm in Chongqing market was 80 yuan/ton lower than that of the previous trading day

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