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The status of bottle caps is becoming increasingly prominent

with the wide application of plastic bottle packaging in many fields, bottle caps are becoming more and more important. Whether in beverages, dairy products, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other industries, the status of bottle caps is becoming increasingly prominent. As a link in plastic bottle packaging, bottle cap is very important for ensuring product quality and shaping product personality. The functions of bottle cap mainly have two points: first, sealing, which protects the contents, which is the most basic function of bottle cap and is also the easiest for manufacturers to achieve; Second, aesthetics. As a part of the national measurement system deployed by the State Administration of packaging and non market supervision to provide a strong guarantee for the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, the small bottle cap can serve as the finishing touch

since the mid-1990s, the plastic anti-theft cover has been used to replace the aluminum cover for PET bottled drinks produced by Coca Cola company, thus pushing the plastic anti-theft cover to the front stage of beverage packaging. Since then, China's powerful packaging enterprises and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment and started the large-scale production and application of plastic anti-theft covers. Nowadays, the thin and easy to open plastic anti-theft bottle cap used in beverage packaging not only facilitates consumers, but also accelerates the development of the beverage industry

due to the fierce competition in the domestic beverage industry, many well-known beverage enterprises have adopted the latest production processes and equipment, which makes China's capping machinery and plastic capping production technology reach the world's advanced level. World famous capping machines such as Brigitte, SACMI, okya, Heskey, Demag and Engel have also entered China. At the same time, in the field of plastic bottle cap production, the dispute between injection molding and compression molding technology has also opened a big curtain. Technological innovation is undoubtedly the driving force for the rapid development of plastic anti-theft covers.

in order to better meet the personalized needs of products, beverage enterprises have made great efforts in the packaging bottle caps of products. At the same time, suppliers have also introduced covers with different functions and forms. This not only meets the product demand, but also brings more choices to the end-user enterprises

as early as 1998, Nongfu mountain spring launched its water drink packaged with sports caps, and consciously launched sports caps as a major selling point, so that its products quickly occupied the market. Although the sports cap has gradually withdrawn from the beverage market, it has contributed to enriching the bottle cap family

the distilled water launched by Watsons in july2003, its fresh packaging will brighten the eyes of consumers once it is listed Streamlined bottle body, simple and fashionable green packaging and unique double bottle cap can meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, JIS, kin and BS г OCT and other domestic and international standard designs turn pure water into a product with unique fashion taste and personal style. This green double cover has also become a huge selling point of the product

PET packaging bottles in the market are generally 28mm in diameter. In 2003, in order to meet the drinking needs of adults, Nongfu mountain spring launched a large-diameter fruit juice product with a bottle mouth diameter of 38mm and a large-diameter bottle cap. The packaging immediately added a lot of color to the product, and the large-diameter bottle cap was pushed to the forefront of the market

in the beverage exhibition area of the supermarket, the pulp beverage products also adopt a novel pull ring cover design. You can see such a drink with a pull ring. The plastic cover of this product is inlaid with a pull ring, which makes the whole package look like the judgment of an experimental result: a small kettle, which is also very convenient for consumers to carry. As the plastic cover is adopted, consumers are often attracted to stop for it

each bottle cap of beliwa cartoon beverage is vivid with cartoon characters. The price of this product is several times higher than that of ordinary beverage products, but it still sells well. It can be said that the cartoon cover of this product plays a key role in the marketing of the product. The audience of bailiwa cartoon beverage is children. The vivid cartoon bottle caps and exaggerated shapes have attracted the attention of children at once. Even if it is more expensive, parents are still willing to pay for their wallets

for the current beverage industry, in order to better reduce costs, suppliers have focused on the PET bottle mouth. Making the bottle mouth shorter has become their favorable measure. In Europe, PET bottles with short bottle mouth were first used in the beer industry and achieved success. In 2005, Coca Cola began to pay attention to PET bottles with short bottle mouths, and they also want to apply such bottles and corresponding short bottle caps to fruit juice and carbonated beverage products. However, such application is difficult, which is mainly reflected in carbonated beverages. As we all know, carbonated drinks, just as the name suggests, inject carbonation into the drinks to make the drinks have a better taste. However, for this reason, there are usually 68 pressures in the packaging bottles of carbonated drinks. Compared with ordinary fruit juice drinks, it is only once in a lifetime that the bottle mouth and bottle cap bring people more pressure. Theoretically, the bottle is sealed by the screw thread contact between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. Of course, the larger the area between the screw thread and the bottle mouth, the better the sealing degree. However, if the bottle mouth is shortened, the bottle cap will also be shortened. Accordingly, the contact area between the thread and the bottle mouth will also be reduced, which is not conducive to sealing. Therefore, after complex tests (such as drop test, transportation test, etc.), some enterprises have designed the best screw thread design of bottle mouth and cap, which can meet the sealing requirements of beverage products

In the fourth quarter of 2007, Coca Cola plans to use such short bottle mouth packaging for all its sterile products. Undoubtedly, PET packaging in the beverage industry has ushered in its important revolution. At the same time, the vigorous development of PET beer market in Germany triggered the development of short bottle caps, which is why they were first applied to PET bottles of beer. Therefore, bailigai began to develop short bottle caps that can be used in the beverage industry in 2004. It is reported that the ultra short lid from Briggs & Gabriel can be applied to carbonated drinks, water, beer and other products

the short bottle cap has passed the opening torque test and the state test under certain environmental conditions during the R & D process. After the production line test, the final technical evaluation shows that the application of the short bottle cap in the beverage industry is feasible. The

short bottle cap has recently been recognized by the International Association of beverage technical experts and is suitable for the new short high neck of the standard pc01881. Isby's members include brand owners, manufacturers of prefabricated and finished caps, and manufacturers of filling lines, capping machines and blow molding machines.

there are two different external designs for the ultra short cover of Briggs & Stratton. One is the crown appearance, the other is the CSD appearance. The crown cap is suitable for bottlers who want to use traditional glass bottles or who want to be innovative. The target customers of crown caps with ultra short caps are bottlers who use PET bottles to fill beer. The CSD appearance cover is suitable for beverage enterprises that want to minimize the weight of the cover and bottleneck. In addition, the short bottle cap also incorporates the double sealing system of Baili cap, which has been proved to have super sealing performance in the past few years

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