The steel price index fell 006 on June 13

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On June 13, the steel price index fell by 0.06%

on June 13, the domestic steel spot market continued to differentiate. The recent arrival performance of the flat material market is relatively concentrated, and the transaction has not been significantly improved so far. In addition, the forward price of domestic steel was significantly lower on the 13th, so the mentality of domestic steel market merchants continued to weaken on the 13th, and the quotation also continued to decline slightly. With the gradual increase of market inventory, the pressure of flat material market sales is gradually increasing, and businesses are not optimistic about the short-term judgment. It is expected that the market will still be weak and volatile. On the 13th, the performance of the long material market was still strong. As steel mills were optimistic about the late performance of long materials and continued to raise the ex factory price, the cost of long material resources increased unabated. However, due to the weakening of the capital market, the market's upward momentum was weakened, the prices of merchants generally remained strong, and a small number of merchants with better expectations tentatively raised their prices. On June 13, the myspic composite index was 177.4 points, down 0.06% from the previous trading day

in June, the expected annual output of 100000 tons was 153.5 points on the 13th, down 0.13% from the previous trading day. Among them, the medium and heavy plate index and cold plate index fell by 0.22% and 0.16% respectively. In the plate market, the prices of Lecong market and Wuhan market have dropped. On the 13th, Lecong plate market fell slightly. According to market feedback, Lecong plate market continued to operate in a weak position at the weekend, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and light market transactions. At the opening of the market on the 13th, affected by the decline of electronic disk and futures, the price of Lecong plate fell slightly. Since June, the market demand has continued to weaken, the procurement volume of downstream users has further decreased, and the market transaction situation is poor. Local businesses are confused about the future market and have a strong bearish mood. Wuhan plate market weak callback on the 13th. Due to many factors, such as the shortage of terminal funds, power rationing holidays and so on, the terminal procurement volume finally decreased, and the market transactions were light. In addition, the decline of Baosteel's quotation last week also gave a great psychological blow to the market merchants. Affected by various factors, it is difficult to maintain the stability of market price, so the market quotation is generally close to the low, and the cash out willingness of merchants has increased. On June 13, the 20mm thick plate in Lecong market and Wuhan market fell by 20 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

on June 13, the long timber index was 202.2 points, unchanged from the previous trading day. On June 13, the domestic steel futures market fell short and opened at a low price, of which the snail owner 1110 closed at 4807, down 1.01%. On the 13th, the domestic long timber spot market did not show a correction like the futures price, and the quotation remained firm. Among them, the Beijing market and Xi'an market increased tentatively. Beijing market rose slightly on the 13th. Last weekend and weekends, the turnover in Beijing's long timber market was average, and the market price remained stable. By the opening of the market on the 13th, the mainstream of the local market was still stable. However, some businesses had few resources to sell, and their reluctance to sell was apparent. Therefore, the quotation was raised slightly tentatively. After the price rise, the transaction in the local market was acceptable, which gave a certain support to the market. The quotation is expected to remain stable in the short term. In the Xi'an market, the quotations of some local leading steel mills increased slightly last Friday, which made the resource cost support strong again, which made most businesses helpless to continue to increase their quotations slightly. At present, the transactions in Xi'an long timber market are still concentrated in low-cost resources, and it is difficult to have transactions at a high level, which makes the merchants' mentality generally cautious and wait-and-see. On June 13, the thread HRB335 20mm in Beijing market and Xi'an market increased by 10 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

in terms of regions, local markets still maintain a weak and volatile pattern, and there is no significant positive or negative impact on the market

*myspic index is called "my steel price index" in full. It is a comprehensive national steel spot price index made by "my steel" according to the daily market price, reflecting the comprehensive price trend of major varieties and regions in the domestic steel market

myspic index on June 13

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